Special Effects and Old Friends

by Heligirl on January 2, 2010

in Daily Ramblings

Broke away from the chaos for a couple of hours yesterday to see Avatar in 3D. I haven’t been paying attention to the reviews, only hearing that it was good. I didn’t want anything to spoil it for me. I like seeing what they’re able to pull off with special effects technology these days. I have to say, I was not let down. What a visually stimulating film. James Cameron never fails to please me.

The story was cute, but it’s been done before. It’s basically Dances with Wolves in on another planet. A good reminder to respect other cultures, that’s for sure. Got to love the white guilt movies. We can still learn from this today and I fear for what we’ll do as a species once we do start going to other planets.

And as if immediately recognizing Dances with Wolves in this movie wasn’t enough, I recognized the voice of my old pal Wes Studi in the chief of the indigenous people. There was no way to recognize his face in the makeup and special effects, but the voice was unmistakable. I’d even swear he was speaking his native Cherokee. Sure enough, in the end credits, there was his name.

Nice work Wes. You’ll no doubt be adding another Oscar winning movie to your resume. Good to see you keeping in the game.

Off to hit the road home today. Wish me luck. The kids hate being in the car more than two hours. The five hour trip is always hell.

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