iPhone and Butt Explosions

by Heligirl on January 3, 2010

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Yesterday was a rather eventful one in Jen’s World. I’d been planning for months to get myself a brand spanking new iPhone. Yes, people, contain your disdain. I have fallen pray to Apple. But AT&T didn’t help much. My company pays for my phone service as I’m on call 24/7. When it came time to upgrade last time, I looked at all the service out there, and our company discount at AT&T was still the best. I did think the iPhone would be neat, but the boss wasn’t having paying for that. So I got the company issue Palm and went along my merry little way. Then, last October, the VP gets himself one and VOILA, he’s a convert. I am given the blessing if I want to get one.

So I called AT&T all excited for the chance to have my very own Internet surfing, video playing, 8 million app operating piece of coolness. They said yes, I was eligible for an upgrade. I talked it over with the other half and we decided to push the button last November when we were down in Oregon (the land of no tax). I’d called AT&T twice and had all my printouts ready outlining price and the intricacies of making our individual accounts a family plan. Then we get there, start the process, then the little dude working at the store tells me I’m not eligible until Jan. 2, 2010. WTF?!? I’d called twice. Well, before, he said, I’d have had to pay $600 for the phone. I was eligible for the $400 early upgrade. If I wanted the $200 upgrade, I’d have to wait another 6 weeks. He asked if there was anything else he could do for me and I said “get me the number for Verizon!” a little louder than my 2-year-old in a tantrum and stormed out. I was pissed.

I took my six weeks and cooled off. I planned and budgeted. I was already dreaming of the things my new iPhone and I would do together, what I’d name it, how we’d be so organized together, I couldn’t turn away. I did the obligatory visit to Verizon to look at what they had, but it was still cheaper for me to stay with the big bad AT&T.

So yesterday we strolled back into the store in Oregon, having planned the post-Christmas visit with the inlaws around this one thing. All was good this time, and we left with two brand new, shiny iPhones.

Daggett and his Cone of Shame

Daggett and his Cone of Shame

So what does this have to do with exploding butts. If you stuck with me this far, you’re about to find out. Turns out my youngest little Chihuahua, Daggett, hadn’t been feeling all that well. When we got home and I finally crawled into bed around 10 pm, I noticed him licking his tail end vigorously. When I went to pet him to see what was up, he yipped. I picked him up and his whole back end was a yellow-green-brown and red. The poor pooch’s anal sac had ruptured. After an immediate wave of guilt for not having noticed he was in pain (he had been lame after hurting his knee so I just wrote it off as that), I got up, dressed and we ran to the vet. (Why can’t my pets have emergencies during the week during office hours?) Ninety minutes, $300, three prescriptions, a shaved butt (his not mine), and one cone of shame later, I brought the poor guy home.

And just to be a show off, this photo was taken with afore mentioned new iPhone. In anticipation of getting these phones, my hubby got me the phone case I’d been eyeballing, an ifrogz blue and black case. He also gave me a Blue Ray copy of the new Star Trek for Christmas. So when I got the phone, put it in its case, and had a look, I had to name it the first thing that popped into my head – Spock. Live Long and Prosper.

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