The Little Things

by Heligirl on January 11, 2010

in Daily Ramblings

Ok, so I’ve been working to stay a step ahead of this childproofing thing. It’s been a whille since I’ve had to do much. Basically, I put the little plastic thingies in all the plugs, put up a baby gate to our kitchen, and put little latches on the drawers under the sinks where the “bad” stuff is – cleaners, dirty rags, the trash cans, etc. Things were going great.

Until today.

When I got home from work, Little Man was ready to go down for his nap so I took advantage of the chance to catch a quick shower. Sweetness can usually entertain herself in the bathroom as I shower, typically taking everything out of her daddy’s drawer and lining it up on the floor or toilet (lid is down on the toilet so not  a big deal.) Usually I’ll come out of the shower to a nice line of toothpaste, dental floss, shaving cream cans and whatnot.

Today I heard the drawers opening and closing and her chattering away about what she was playing with “brush teeth” (tooth brush), “Daddy’s brush,” “this thing” (anything she can’t remember the name of), etc. I’d peek out and she’d have something in her hand and smile at me “Hi Mommy.” Daddy’s drawer is purposely stocked with kid-safe stuff so she’s entertained. At one point she’d even had stuff lined up on the scale, which she’d pulled to the middle of the room. All seemed fine.

When I was done and stepped out of the shower I was impressed that there wasn’t a mess. It seemed she’d put everything back (except for the scale). Then, as I was getting dressed she happened to mention “uh-oh brush” and tried to open the door under the sink, which has one of those annoying kid-proof latches that lets the door open about two inches before the latch catches. She held the door open to the allowed two inches and looked in. There, under the sink, among the “female supplies,” Windex and cleaning rags was: Daddy’s toothbrush, toothpaste, three dental flosses (I’ve no idea why the man collects dental floss like ceramic figurines), travel sized Scope, chap stick, and travel sized Colgate.

I might be able to keep her from getting all the way into something, but that won’t stop her from getting other things in there. Needless to say, Daddy knows that if he can’t find his toothbrush, it may be hiding out with the “female supplies” to get away from it all.

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