‘Windows 7 Was My Idea’ People, Watch Out

by Heligirl on January 13, 2010

in Daily Ramblings

Nothing right now makes me want to throw my Wii remote at the TV more than those blasted commercials from Microsoft with people touting that they’re a PC and Windows 7 was their idea. I have news for you PCs out there that had this bright idea: keep them to yourself, or at least come up with a few good ones. Like, here’s one, having your new machine work with your old ones. I have two XP computers that have been networked and working fine until the new one came along. Then, all of a sudden, my new laptop with Windows 7 decides it won’t see the other computers. It used to, but now it doesn’t. It’s like it just one day went ‘talk to the mouse’ and that is that. Sadly the printer is connected to one of these recently excommunicated computers. To make matters worse, that excommunicated computer has decided it no longer wants to use Photoshop. The Windows 7 one does. It’s like I’m an impotent ninny trying to run a girl’s dorm, but the cat fights are running the show.

This all does me no good when the Laptop refuses to talk to the anti-Photoshop machine so I can’t even pull photos from one to the other to edit. ARGGGG. So, no photos to share with you today. I have called in mediation and requested a presidential order to get these guys talking again. In the meantime, I’m screaming obscinities at the Microsoft commercials.

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