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by Heligirl on January 15, 2010

in Positive Discipline

Shortly after Sweetness turned 10 months old I learned of a great co-op preschool program in Seattle offered through the community college. These schools ran out of buildings around town, typically churches, and required a great deal of parent participation, but were relatively inexpensive. Like $50 a month cheap. And were they ever popular. If you didn’t enroll your little future president by the time she was 2, you’d most likely not get in.

So I enrolled Sweetness in the youngest class, as that was offered in the church behind my house, in the Fall of 2008. Can’t beat that for convenience. It was two hours every Tuesday afternoon and was mommy and me. Because she’s a September baby, she’s doomed to be the oldest in class. As all her classmates were turning 1 in the next six months, Sweetness turned 1 the first week. But she was new to group play settings so really it didn’t matter.

I really can’t say enough for co-op preschools. In ours, there are about 18 kids, each with a parent. After about four months, they broke us into two groups. One week, half the parents were at “stations” around the classroom, interacting with the little ones and supervising them with the teacher. The other half were in the hall just out the open door having parent discussion with the parent coordinator. The kids could come out and check on mom, but we really were too boring compared with the fun going on in the room. The next week it switched.

It was in those discussions that I received parent support, was able to learn and share with others, and I was introduced to Positive Discipline. I knew I didn’t want to rule with an iron fist, guilt or criticism the way I was raised. I wanted to foster self-esteem in my kids and a sense of confidence rather than a fear of criticism and of being a let down as I typically feel to this day. As it turned out, Positive Discipline was the answer. You can read all about the book I got, by clicking here: Positive Discipline: The First Three Years: From Infant to Toddler–Laying the Foundation for Raising a Capable, Confident Child (Positive Discipline Library)

Since learning of it that fall, I’ve been an avid supporter of this parenting philosophy and actively use it daily at home. I’ve started a category on this topic and will share my experiences with how it’s working with the Rugrats. I’ve taken classes and written up my notes. I have resources. There’s tons to share. I’ll start pouring it all out here so check back soon!

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