98.6 is for Sissies

by Heligirl on January 20, 2010

in Daily Ramblings

So I’m sitting at work, working away like a good little Umpa Lumpa, when I get a call from the nanny.

“I thought I should call you because I’ve never seen this before. (Sweetness) is shivering hard and has blue lips. We were out playing. I washed her hands in warm water and have bundled her up, but she keeps saying she’s cold. The shivering has stopped but her lips are still blue. She’s breathing and talking fine.”

My heart stops. It’s an unseasonable 58 degrees out and the nanny said Sweetness was wearing a sweater and coat so I’m not thinking the nanny did anything wrong going out on a nice sunny day with that much bundling.

“Wrap her in a blanket and hold her tight to share your body heat. I’m on my way home.”

I raced home, breaking all sorts of speed laws in the way and waiting on hold with the pediatrician on the car’s Bluetooth speakers. Terrible visions of tragically rare diseases are racing through my head. What causes sudden loss of ability to regulate temperature? Cancer? Fungus? Raccoon-carried round worms? (note to self, get gun and kill all raccoons that enter the yard.) Agent Orange? The nurse finally comes on and assures me after I give her my panicked account that it might just be a fever coming on. She’s not worried now but told me to call in an hour or so if I’m unable to warm her. I’m glad I didn’t ask her about Agent Orange.

I raced in the house and grabbed my beautiful baby girl from the nanny to hold tight (basically to stop my own shaking from fear). Her head, neck and torso were really warm, but her hands and feet felt like ice. Despite this, she tells me “all better,” “diaper change please,” and “I want to play.”  When I changed her diaper I “snuck” in a temperature check. I don’t think she was tricked as she screamed bloody murder. It’s 101.1.

I got home two hours early so I decide to prepare for the worst – a nasty fever. I gave her some water and we watched an episode of Penguins of Madagascar (her favorite) to relax her. Sure enough, after being distracted and relaxed, her hands and feet warmed up. She sat down with the nanny sat down to read books while I got a quick shower and lunch. By the time the nanny was ready to leave (about two hours after I got home), the Princess’ temperature had jumped to 103.3 and she was lethargic. Enter Tylenol.

After a viewing of Cars (I’d been saving that for a sick day) and a nap, she was a little cranky but her temperature was back near 101. I braced for a rough night, but she slept hard and long, waking 12 hours later this morning with a nice normal temperature and lots of energy. That’s the second time a fever has come on so fast and hard then left just as quick in the past six months. It scared the crap out of me, but helped build my faith and confidence in my little one’s immune system.

So far Little Man hasn’t shown any signs of copying his sister, but the week isn’t over yet.

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