Haven for Helicopter Hoes

by Heligirl on January 21, 2010

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I couldn’t resist the alliteration of the title for this post. But in all seriousness, I speak of Heli Expo, the annual gathering of the helicopter industry to share, drink, talk, eat, drink, buy, sell, drink, educate, research, hire, drink and network. And I have noticed that sometimes there is drinking.

This year we head down south to Houston Feb. 21 – 23. Most years I’m there to have fun, possibly write a little bit, or even help out with some PR. This year my main duty is to be the executive director of a non-profit helicopter organization, and as such must help run a meeting on Feb. 20 most of the day, then man a booth the 21-23. The money is a nice supplement, and boy do I love to catch up with my old helicopter pals, but it’s going to be a long week away from the Rugrats.

So to console myself, I’m looking at it this way: I get to drink a lot, sleep through the night without waking to nurse anyone,  have hot, uninterrupted meals, have uninterrupted adult conversations, and look hot in my evening wear with special thanks to milk boobs. Yes, this could be fun. Did you notice there was a lot of “hot” and “uninterrupted” in those thoughts. Too bad hubby will be home playing Mr. Mom. And for those of you with your minds in the gutter, you know who you are, my days of sharing bodily fluids with helicopter pilots is so very over. I learned the hard way that most male helicopter pilots are capable of loving, caring, thoughtful feelings. They just reserve these feelings for themselves.

So bring on Heli Expo. I spent a few hours beating the old booth into submission in the corridor of one of our organization’s member’s buildings today. That was fun. I think I got the beast figured out, with the help of two others. Plane ticket is bought, hotel reserved, helicopter pal arranged to give me a ride from the airport, and a fellow Whirly-Girl set up to be my roomie. I used to have a hard time sleeping before Heli Expo, I was so excited. I’m not there yet. It’s so weird to have so much anchoring me here. But I need my adult time and I need to feed my aviation bug. Lots and lots and lots of photos will be coming…

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RC Toys March 3, 2010 at 5:42 pm

How high can the remote helicopter fly? The helicopter range is about 1/2 mile feet but for safety reasons we fly at a max altitude of about 300 feet and a max horizontal distance of about 750 feet. If a chase vehicle is used this distance can be greatly increased to thousands of feet. FAA regulations keep us below 400 feet in altitude, but with permission may be able to go higher.

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