Designer’s Lament

by Heligirl on January 22, 2010

in Daily Ramblings

Man this blogging thing can be a serious pain in the gozotch, as my daddy would say. Every time I want to figure out how to do one simple thing that should be absolutely intuitive, I’m sent on a wild goose chase to figure out how to make it work.

For instance, I want to give you a link to a book that I’ve found really helpful in my child rearing. I don’t want to go the long way around of finding a photo, saving it on my hard drive, uploading it to the blog and then placing it in the post. I’m a busy woman. I have places to go, people to see, diapers to change, tantrums to endure, binkies to reinsert. I have no time for such trivialities, if in fact that is a word. (Actually, it must be as spell checker isn’t freaking out.)

So I waste TWO HOURS looking for a Plugin that works with WordPress to do it for me, finally get something set up with Amazon so if you like the book and what I’m saying you can link to it in Amazon to learn more, read comments and buy it. That sounded mighty helpful to my faithful readers. Here is what that took:

Sign up for Amazon Associates account so I can link.

Download Plug In.

Upload Plug In to WordPress.

WordPress freaks out “fatal error.”

Research and discover it wants something called PHP5 (language on my web host).

Visit web host. Learn I’m running PHP5. Ask online help if I upgrade will the world come to an end? Answer: No.

Upgrade to PHP5 after finding documentation on web host on how the hell to do that.

Upload plug in again. Success.

Plug in wants all these keeps and secret codes and whatnot from Amazon.

Go back to Amazon and sign up for another service to get special, super secret authentication, test your knowledge back to your ancestors passwords.

Enter “credentials”: said passwords, codes, keys and whatnot into plug in.

Go to post to insert image of book that will take you to Amazon if you want more info.

“Unfortunately, an error occurred. Please try again.”

Try 15 times. Check plug in. It wants all codes, keys and crap again. Enter them again.

“Unfortunately, an error occurred. Please try again.” And “you need to enter your credentials.”

Me: “Screw this, spawn of Satan’s butt of a stupid program from HELL!”

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Heligirl January 22, 2010 at 7:48 pm

Ha, success. I finally found a plugin that works and you can now see the success here:

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