Handy Kid/Car Gadget

by Heligirl on January 23, 2010

in Parenting Tidbits,Reviews/Favorite Things

One of the things I’ve found so very handy from my mommy pals is advice on things that make life a little easier. This is one thing that I’ve been really liking. It’s a trash bin for your car. It’s weighted and has Velcro on the bottom so it sticks to the carpet right where you put it. It’s also water proof so drink boxes or coffee cups with a little left in them won’t leak out in the car. The lid even folds over and Velcros shut (when you’ve remembered to empty the bin and haven’t overloaded it). And, when you’re not using it, like when you quickly rip out all the kid crap to transport VIPs like the grandparents, your boss or Christian Bale, it folds down flat (after you’ve emptied it of course) and can easily be hidden under the driver’s seat. I’ve LOVED this thing. I’ve bumped it. Sweetness kicks it. I’ve dropped the diaper bag on it when throwing stuff in the car in a hurry and it stays in place and if the top flap is turned over and it’s Velcroed shut, it doesn’t spill. Here are the details in all their glory. I paid too much by purchasing through a catalog. Looks like Amazon has a cheaper price: Car Trash Bin (click here for specs and such)

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