Another Use for the Kitchen Sink

by Heligirl on January 24, 2010

in Daily Ramblings

Mr. Sudsy.

The Handsome Man getting all squeeky clean.

I’d been giving Mr. Man a bath in his baby tub in the bathtub, basically out of habit since Sweetness had a complete aversion of sinks (sinkophobia?). However, I’ve somehow contracted Caitlin’s lovely fever/crappy stuff which has made me feel really achey and, quite frankly, not the least bit interested in leaning over the tub.

Alas, my little man found the kitchen sink a perfectly acceptable substitute and he seemed to enjoy being at mommy’s eye level. It was a fun bath time. Sometimes set backs (feeling like a train ran me over after the four horsemen of the apocalypse trampled me) can clear the way for new discoveries. Not quite a cure of world hunger, but little victories are always welcome.

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