LG: the Company the Couldn’t Care Less

by Heligirl on January 27, 2010

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The offending machine.

Our POS fridge. Never buy an LG, because if you ever need the customer service, you're screwed.

OK, I’ve sufficiently cooled off to pass along my trials and tribulations related to LG. It started in 2006 when my new hubby and I decided we’d splurge and get ourselves a really nice refrigerator – a spiffy stainless number with a bottom freezer, French door fridge, and ice maker/water dispenser in the door. We spent close to $2,500, more than the two of us had ever spent on refrigerators combined. But it was our gift to ourselves. We did our research and ended up buying this fridge from Home Depot. Immediately we noticed a few flaws. The space where you’re to put in your glass to get water or ice isn’t as big as your average glass. You have to improvise and use your finger to push the button (rather than have the glass push against it) to get water or ice. OK, whatever. Then the ice gets stuck and we’d regularly be opening up the ice compartment and rattling the thing to get the cubes to come out. Ok, a little annoying at times.

Then, about 18 months into owning the thing the fan starts making weird sounds. Then the ice in the ice maker starts melting a bit, then refreezing, thus creating an ice layer in the ice maker doorway that allows freezing air to exit the ice maker and enter the crisper. Voila – frozen fruits and vegis in the fridge. OK, that’s not cool (so to speak). We were now losing produce. Just so you know, lettuce once it’s frozen does not return to it’s usual perky self after defrosting. And carrots are quite limp. I call to complain. They customer service rep, who most likely was hired straight out of prison, coldly told me I’m not shutting the ice maker door properly. I check several times, and I’m sure I am closing it properly. But I’m caring for a newborn and have better things to do than deal with this high school dropout who tells me all she can do is read me the solution that comes on the computer screen. At least she can read.

Then my ice cream starts alternating between being runny and rock hard.

OK, that’s not right. I start telling people that my fridge is crap.

Then one morning in June 2009 I open my fridge to get out my morning milk and the milk is warm. Not room temperature, but WARM. It’s clearly bad and there is a bad smell in the fridge, which is also warm. All dairy products are spoiled and the light housing is melted. Not only did the lights stay on in my closed fridge all night, but the lights that came with the freaking fridge were a high enough voltage that THEY MELTED PLASTIC! This fridge comes with a feature where you can set it to beep at you if the door isn’t closed all the way. That feature is set. It didn’t beep.

OK, WTF?!?

I called LG again, upset that this happened and not a little scared that a fire could have started. This customer service rep, also a San Quentin graduate I’m sure, told me I just needed to turn down the fridge and in a few hours it would be cold again. I mentioned my former issues and that I wanted LG to look into this lemon. She told me my one-year warranty expired so I was on my own. Thank you for calling.

Not long after that the ice maker stops making ice and nothing I do can convince it to work again. The LG ex-con is no help there. I’m told to call a technician. There are only three in all of the Seattle area that are authorized to repair LG appliances. I call them all and they all want about $100 just to show up, then they’ll charge me for parts and labor. I get a quote that it will possibly be close to $800 to fix. Now I’m getting really pissed. I call to tell LG what a rip off their repair folks are.

We started paying extra close attention to the doors being closed after that.

Then in September, I come home to an “Er FF” code on the front display and a dead fridge. I, you guessed it, called LG. They told me my freezer fan is frozen and to empty the fridge and wait four hours. The ice will melt and all will be fine. Good thing I kept my old $375 Home Depot no-name brand fridge in the garage (much to Seattle City Light’s dismay). Otherwise, I’d have been screwed and lost all my food. We transferred everything and sure enough, four hours later, there was a huge water puddle under the fridge and it fired up fine. Um, since when do you need to defrost a fridge built in this century?

This happened TWO MORE TIMES in the next six weeks and I reached the end of my rope. I called LG each time it happened and gave them a piece of my mind. This last time I refused to get off the phone until I could talk to someone who hasn’t formerly served hard time and actually has some customer service experience beyond telling people “you are out of warranty so there is nothing we can do for you.” This “supervisor” told me to write up a letter and e-mail it with a copy of my original receipt and they’d see what they could do to help.

Three weeks later I call to see why I hadn’t heard back and the ex-con that answers says “it says here that we denied your claim. You’re out of warranty.”

“I know I’m out of warranty. They told me to submit my claim for review for an EXTENSION. You weren’t going to call, e-mail anything to tell me?”

“I don’t know what you want me to tell you. We can’t help you.”

Oh that was the WRONG thing to say to me and now I was PISSED beyond belief. I went online and made a claim with the Better Business Bureau. Now, the BBB was great. They keep exact track of all correspondence. I could go in and see in my claim how many times the BBB kept resubmitting my claim and demanding a response and how much LG ignored them before responding with, guess what, a statement that I was out of warranty AND regular maintenance past the one year should be borne by the owner. Since when does a $2,500 fridge need $800 of regular maintenance in its first three years of life?!? The BBB gives you a chance to tick “no this is not acceptable” and offer a rebuttal. I did, outlining the string of things that went wrong with this thing during the past year and how I expect a company to stay by its product, not hide behind a lame one-year warranty when a consumer forks over so much money to buy the thing in the first place.

The next day the fridge died for good. No overnight defrosting worked. I needed to hire the $100 to show up people. They came out, determined the freezer fan and the main circuit board were dead. The repair dude replaced them both, readjusted the fridge to close better (he guessed that Home Depot’s delivery people didn’t do this well and that may have contributed to the problem) and he pushed the button in the ice maker to reset it. RESET IT! It works fine now. No, the blasted cons that were most likely locked up since their teens when they raped their guinea pigs didn’t mention a RESET BUTTON! And there was no mention of this in the manual, either, in case you were wondering.

Six weeks after the claim was filed, LG said they’d, and I quote, “offer a one-time extension to the warranty.” That’s a quote. Note that there is no numbers in there. All I needed to do was call and give LG the fax number of my repair shop so they could fax instructions. This was mid-December. I called and gave it to them that day. Two weeks later, the repair show still hasn’t seen the fax. I called again and LG said they’d fax it again. Another two weeks, no fax. I call again, and THIS pardoned felon tells me, are you sitting down?, that my 30 day extension to my warranty has expired and they have no record of my original receipt on file at LG to prove I owned it.

Are you *^$$#%$#$@#$% KIDDING ME?!?!?! I read the kitty defiler the letter to the BBB from LG and asked where in there I was notified I had 30 days? When I asked why they hadn’t bothered to fax instructions for a month, they said it was because there was no record of the receipt. Did ANYONE think to call and ask for it? Oh hell no. That would take I-N-I-T-I-A-T-I-V-E, of which these child porn users have none. Perhaps one of their collective searches for kiddy play crashed the LG system? But I digress.


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john fiorello July 5, 2011 at 5:34 am

I could have wrote this letter myself. Yesterday the fourth it went out in the a.m. and i had 20 guests coming. Had to go out buy bags of ice and transfer everything to coolers.
I made sure and told every relative and freinds attending that LG makes a piece of crap. One guy was going to purchase the very next day and two others were shopping for one. Needless to sday they thanked me. 20 guests!!! This is all you need but trust me you make a piece of crap and your manual doesn’t even come close to what it is missing. Not even a reference to restiing the ice machine??? Nothing explaining er ff???
You got me once but never ever again and if any of my family buys one i have told them i will take them out of my will!

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