LG: The Saga Continues

by Heligirl on January 28, 2010

in Daily Ramblings

Finally, they fax the paperwork to my repair company two days ago. My repair company calls and tells me they received the paperwork, but it calls for repairs to my DISHWASHER and it says the 30-days are up.

OH MY GOD!!!! I called LG and they are freaking lucky they have 15 minutes of hold time as I needed that long to cool down. When I got my con-of-the-day, I was told that the right paperwork was faxed and, by the way, they’re not reimbursing me for the $405 I spend last month on the broken fridge because I didn’t wait until they faxed the paperwork.

Thus my last post. I went ballistic. The dogs were scared. The children steered clear. And I managed to strong arm the phone number of a manager out of my convenience store robber before I hung up on her. I left a very clear message with this new “manager,” using big words like “if this is too hard for LG, maybe another letter from the BBB will help.” I got a call last night from this manager asking me to fax the receipt for my work to him and he’d “see what I can do about getting some of this reimbursed.”

“Um, no. You’ll reimburse all of it. If I’d have waited for you to fax it, I’d be without a fridge since just before Christmas. LG owes me $405 if for nothing more than being a completely ignorant and thoughtless company.” OK, I didn’t quite say it THAT way, but he got the message.

Today I faxed the receipt with a recap of this caper and called and left a message that it was faxed. The repair people called and said they finally got the right fax and could come next Friday.

I’m not declaring victory until I see a check from LG and a fully repaired fridge.

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