Innocents Lost

by Heligirl on January 30, 2010

in Embarenting,Parenting Tidbits

I’m standing in the bedroom folding laundry on the bed. Sweetness has wandered into the bathroom where hubby is in the shower (we lost the ability to have any privacy when she master the door handle about a month ago). Here is what I hear:

“Hi Daddy.”

“Hi Sweetie.”

“Daddy shower.”

“Yes, Daddy had a shower, now I’m drying off.”

“Dry, dry, dry” (The way he says it when drying her off.) “Dry hair.”

“Yes I’m drying my hair.”

“Dry girlie bits.”

I freeze and bite my lip, lest dear husband hear me explode.

“Well, that’s what we call them when we dry you, but Daddy has boy bits.”

“Girlie bits.”

“I’m a boy, so I have, you know what, nevermind…”

I can’t stand it. He’s trying so hard to accept these are innocent questions and any attempt to get into the birds and the bees with a 2-year-old is wasted air. I sit down, lest some pee get out.

The door opens as hubby is saying, “Daddy’s going to get dressed because he suddenly feels rather vulnerable.” When he sees me we both bust out laughing something fierce, which sends Sweetness into an excited chant: “girlie bits, girlie bits, girlie bits.”

I’m so glad I decided against immediately introducing anatomically correct names for genitalia right off the bat. Good times, good times.

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