Sick Day

by Heligirl on February 4, 2010

in Daily Ramblings

There is one downside to my somewhat neurotic, OCD, type-A personality. It takes an act of Congress to slow me down.

I’ve been carrying around this bug for months, coughing since November, having on and off sore throats and fevers, and constantly feeling completely drained. I’ve never felt like this for this long. I blamed it on having kids. But to be honest, I think I gave Sweetness her last cold, not the other way around. I blamed it on Mr. Man waking several times a night – interrupting my much needed sleep. But Hubby started putting milk on the warmer when he went to bed so he could take the 2 am wake up call. Still, I felt like donkey poo.

Then Congress took action. My body went on strike. After a miserable Monday at work where I felt like I wanted to simultaneously fall asleep at my desk and puke, as well as several almost unstoppable coughing fits that scared my boss two doors down into not coming out of his office, I realized this had to stop. I had a full week ahead. My hubby couldn’t keep coming home to cook, clean and put everyone to bed while I laid in bed miserable.

I called my boss Monday evening, who was more than happy to hear I was finally calling in sick. I talked my nanny into staying an extra hour Tuesday. Then I took the Vicodin the doctor prescribed (only safe thing to take when breastfeeding that suppresses the cough) and went to bed.

I slept on and off for 10 hours, with some weird dreams thanks to Prince V. I had a full, uninterrupted breakfast and long, hot shower. I drank lots of water.  I napped and had lunch. Then I did a little work because I am on call after all. I followed that with another hour-long nap. The nanny left about the time the kids went down for naps so I had some quiet time.

By the time Hubby got home, I was really starting to feel better. I made a nice dinner and helped get the kids down before retiring early myself.

By Wednesday I felt TONS better. The cough was still there a bit, but I had energy I haven’t had in months! I got so much done and had fun with the kids all day, then even had energy to attend a coworker’s retirement party last night. THIS is what it’s like to like being alive! I’d almost forgotten.

So my lesson from my internal Congress: “If you’d have just slowed down earlier, you might not have missed most of January, you twit!”

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