Scary Parenting Moment

by Heligirl on February 7, 2010

in Daily Ramblings

I think Sound Transit is hoping to offset its deficit with child trafficking. No, seriously. Hear me out.

If I hadn’t have heard about a mom and child becoming separated when a light rail train doors closed before mom could follow her child out the door, I’d not have been super vigilant the two times we’ve ridden Seattle’s brand new train system. But, alas, I’m now scared silly about the prospect of becoming separated from Sweetness or Mr. Man. I have terrible runaway daymares that the last I see of them is their terrified faces until 30 years later when I’m made aware of their existence as I’m on  my death bed in a mental hospital (where I’ve been since three days after their disappearance) via telegram that they’ve escaped from sweat shop labor prisons in South America after their careers in childhood prostitution ran dry. Needless to say, taking the train now stresses me out, and today I have good reason to worry.

It was a rainy Sunday and Hubby decided it might be fun to take a train ride with the kids. Sweetness has been talking about the train for weeks and weeks since she went the first time just before Christmas. We had a nice uneventful trip downtown, wandered around for about 30 minutes, and then jumped back on to head home. Mr. Man was a little restless so Hubby took him out of the stroller and held him so he could look out. Sweetness was on my lap next to the boys. The stroller was parked next to us with the wheel locks on. As we approached the platform, I stood sweetness up and prepared the stroller. The doors opened and Sweetness headed toward them. I hollered at her to stop and wait for mommy. Another passenger left through the door. Hubby took Sweetness’s hand and walked out. I turned the stroller and started toward the door and the door slammed shut and we started moving. There were two others still making their way to the door that didn’t make it off either. The button to push to tell the operator to stop is around a Plexiglas wall from the door and is NOT very well marked. By the time I’d pounded the door open button a few times, we were already outside the stop. Other parents on the train looked at me in horror and made mention of how lucky I was that we didn’t get separated from our kids. Yes, I thought, we were and Sound Transit was about to get an ear full from me. At least I outsmarted their plot to separate the kids from us so they could sell the children off to pay down the debt.

Luckily, Hubby was with both of the kids and we were one stop from the end of the line. So, rather than rail on the intercom button and threaten to have the operator arrested at the next stop, I rode the train to SeaTac (the end of the line) and crossed the platform to get on the waiting train bound for downtown with several other people. We waited about five minutes then were on our way back.

Hubby and I were on the phone together and it seems the only tragedy was Sweetness had asked for a snack and I told her we could have it as soon as we got off the train. Well, the snack was with me in the stroller. Sweetness was with daddy and not happy about a suddenly missing mommy or snack.

When I returned Hubby was in the warm car with the kids (since the stroller also had Mr. Man’s blanket and jacket). As I opened the door to put the stuff in the car Sweetness greeted me with “yay, snack!”

It’s nice to know I was missed, but better they not know the nightmares I’m going to have tonight about those two dreaded words, “what if.”

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