Teething Pain

by Heligirl on February 8, 2010

in Parenting Tidbits

For the past several days, Little Man has been calling us to party with him several times a night. No matter what we did – feed him more, be extra quiet, beg profusely – he refused to sleep through the night. His gum line has been growing, but despite my several attempts to gag him each day as I check for white protrusions, there were no teeth.

Then, suddenly, as he was chattering away on Saturday, I saw what looked like a little white dot on the bottom gum, right about where the middle right tooth would be. I got my finger in there faster than his tongue could push it away and it felt hard. Wow, a tooth! Into the baby book goes “February 6, first tooth.” Then, the next morning I look to see how the little fellow is doing on its journey through the gums, and alas, it has friends. Yes, friends – plural. Two more white spots. Well no wonder Mr. Man hasn’t been that into sleeping. His lower jaw has been throbbing and he wasn’t above not sharing the pain.

So last night, in a act of pity for us all, we gave him a five ounces of nice warm mommy milk at 9:30 and some Tylenol. We were rewarded with 7.5 hours of uninterrupted sleep. And Mr. Man is feeling much better for a good long snooze.

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