How Do Rock Stars Get that Green Streak in Thier Hair?

by Heligirl on February 10, 2010

in Parenting Tidbits

My mom doesn’t tell many jokes, but when she did when we were kids they were funny to us. The answer to this one, one of her oddest, is an action. Make a huge sniffing sound as you wipe your nose and rub your hand up over your forehead and back through your hair. Lovely. Thank goodness Gowan actually has red bangs. It doesn’t apply.

Today reminded me of that joke as well as the fact that when you become a parent, any and all aversion to bodily fluids and functions is met head on and dealt with in the most direct of manners. Poor little Mr. Man was making the green snot faster than I could wipe it away. Seriously, he’d sneeze, I’d see the two long lines of green mucus, grab a Kleenex, wipe, turn to toss it and when I looked back, more green snot lines running to his upper lip. The poor little dude. And if I wasn’t fast enough he’d rub his nose. I found dried snot all over his face, chin, hands and, well, I think you get the picture.

As you’ve probably guessed, the little man us under the weather. He’d been coughing a bit, like his sister, for a couple of days so I figured he was most likely on the mend. But yesterday he really wasn’t sounding all that great by the end of the day. I made an emergency run to Bed Bath & Beyond to get a new humidifier (as I have a knack for causing those in my possession to die suddenly during cold season. Maybe it’s my magnetic personality. Though I’m not sure magnets can kill a cold mist humidifier.) This time I got a warm mist one. We set it up and his room was like Alabama in July by 10 pm, except without the mosquitoes. His coughing had reduced, but he was still waking and crying from discomfort every couple of hours.

Hubby took the late shift so I could sleep. By morning the nasal mucus flood gates were on full open and my usually easy going, mild mannered little bundle of joy was uncharacteristically cranky. I stayed home with him all day, drinking tea and water like it was going out of style in order to try to keep up with his liquid intake needs. (I can’t dip into the frozen milk with Heli Expo so close.) His temperature then began to sneak up. Oh the joy. By 6:30 pm he was more than ready for bed. We reset his room to Alabama and tucked him in for the night with a shot of Tylenol to help with the fever as it was getting close to 103. Here’s hoping he’ll feel better by tomorrow. Because a happy boy a happy mommy makes.

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