Encouraging Independence

by Heligirl on February 15, 2010

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So sweetness has been getting out of hand in her demands to be In Control, with a capital I. C. At first little things like letting her choose which jacket she’d like to wear was enough to make her more than happy for hours. We thought we were really on to something with that. “Wow,” we thought. “This parenting thing is easy. We just give her choices and she’s happy.” Did that ever backfire. Choosing which of two jackets soon turned into choosing which of two soaps she’ll use to wash her hands, which of two toothbrushes, two toothpastes, two sets of clothes, shoes, etc. and on and on until you want to beat your head against the wall until you can’t feel your pain. It also caused her to take something like 6.5 years to get from waking up to breakfast. And recently we’ve gotten to the point where she has to agonize over a drawer full of identical diapers or have a tantrum worthy of making Mommy a alcoholic.

However, I know I must repeat mommy mantra #528 – support your little one’s independence. As I repeated the mantra I sent hubby to Home Depot to grab this four-place coat hook and hang it at Sweetness’ perfect height.

My poser.

Miss GQ, too cool to smile for the camera.

To be honest, this was one of my small victories. I’m so proud. This was one of my very own ideas, from my own little mind, after reading so much about supporting your toddler’s independence. I figured she might like being able to hang up her own coat. And you know what, I was right. For all the screaming, tantrums, fussing and demanding, it sure was a wonderful sense of accomplishment to see how much she loved this. She doesn’t given me any trouble (yet) when I ask her to hang up her jacket.

What’s more, she has no problem putting her shoes under the coats, as long as “daddy’s sandals” are there. I kid you not. Daddy made the drastic mistake of putting his sandals by the dining room table one night and when Sweetness took off her shoes the next morning after preschool, she walked around the house with them asking “where’s daddy’s sandals?” I thought nothing of it, as I had a poopy boy to change. When I came out I found Sweetness happily playing and her shoes set nicely next to “Daddy’s sandals” under the table.

Needless to day, Daddy has been properly trained and the sandals stay under her coats now.

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