I Won Against LG!

by Heligirl on February 18, 2010

in Daily Ramblings

I’ve been locked in battle with LG for more than a year over their super lame refrigerator that has all kinds of issues. If you missed the fun, you can read about it here: LG Sucks Ass, LG The Company That Couldn’t Care Less, and LG the Saga Continues.

I can now claim victory. I finally received a reimbursement for the work I had done in October on the refrigerator AND the repair dude arrived to replace the broken drawers and melted lighting case, all on LG’s bill. As a side note, the lighting case has been redesigned to have a sensor to turn off the lights and keep this from happening again. Now, why would they redesign it? Because people’s lighting housings were melting because the lights would stay on. So why, I ask you, would customer service people tell me they know nothing about this and it’s my fault when I first called to say the lights stayed on all night and my fridge light housing melted? ARG!

So the lame ass refrigerator seems to be running properly again. We’ll see for how long, but my repair guy made a few adjustments to help prevent future issues. He seemed to believe the problems all stemmed from the improper installation of the fridge in the first place by Home Depot’s delivery people so let’s hope that’s really the issue. Regardless, LG deserves to pay for not having ANY proper installation instructions outlining having the fridge tipped slightly back to ensure its doors sealed properly when closed (seems like a design flaw to me).

How did I win? I kept calling and calling. Then I wrote letters and e-mails. I found unlisted numbers to reach a human who wasn’t inbred or just out of jail. They, and I, kept all this correspondence so there was a record and that made it possible for me to have a case when I finally went to the Better Business Bureau. And when LG tried to tell me through the BBB that I was out of warranty and it was my issue, I refused to accept the answer and fired back with a “I want LG to stand by their product rather than hide behind a one-year warranty when there is  almost $1000 worth of work needed two years after purchase.” I think that did it and they offered to extend the warranty.

That didn’t stop their sneakiness, though. They made the extension for 30 days from that date, so if I hadn’t have jumped on it right away, the 30-day extension would have expired before the repair folks arrived and they’d be able to say “too bad, so sad.”

So if you ever go to battle with the big boys, be consistent, timely, thorough, and don’t take ‘no’ for an answer.

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