Heli Expo

by Heligirl on February 21, 2010

in Daily Ramblings,Helicopters

I’ve been at the annual Heli Expo, the world’s premiere helicopter convention, and so far I’ve learned two things. 1. I’m getting too old for this. 2. Some things change while others don’t.

I used to be so psyched to come here and party every year. Now I’m just happy to relax with my pals over a drink where we can hear each other and where none of the less desirable crowd hangs out. How lame to be getting so old. Or perhaps I can think of it as just maturing. Yes, that sounds better. I’ve grown up. Sadly, many of the men here haven’t.

I’ve also learned that time does heal. Most things at least. In my case, there are a handful of people in this industry I’d like to see about as bad as I want to be boiled in oil. One of them is here and what a totally wonderful surprise to discover when I saw this person it took a moment to register and once it did, I just didn’t care. I can finally say I don’t care. What freedom. But when I saw another, my former employer himself, my skin crawled. I guess I’ll just have to trust in the fact that if I can one day stop caring in any way about one of my formerly least favorite people, I can surely one day feel the same about my ex-boss. Maybe I just need more time.

Most of all I’m enjoying seeing my pals and getting to know the gang I work for better. I just wish my babies were here too. I miss them something fierce. I’m still so surprised by how much of a pull they have on me. It’s like nothing I’ve ever experienced.

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