Fire Pants

by Heligirl on March 3, 2010

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One of the joys of parenthood is hearing the most unexpected thing come from your little darling’s mouth. While I have mentioned the negative side of this lovely trait, there are some adorable positive sides. Recently Sweetness has said a few good ones for the books. Half of it is what she says, while the other half is how she says it. For instance, the other day she announced “ooHHH mYYY gOOOOOdness” with her voice going up where I’ve put capital letters. Too cute.

Then there was the day that my mom came over to hang with her so Hubby and I could go out to dinner. When we got back, the kids were just about to go to bed so I went in to kiss Sweetness goodnight and asked her “Did you have fun with Grammy?” She responded, “Fun with Grammy. No, no, no don’t touch!” She added the accusing pointing finger as she said it. I about peed my pants. Mom will never be able to tell her something (at least while she’s a child) without me hearing about it. What a gas, as well as a comforting piece of insurance.

Then there’s “Fire Pants.” We couldn’t figure out what this was. She’d come up to us and say this at totally random times. We would ask if she needed a diaper change, wondering if she was trying to tell us she had diaper rash, though the concept of “fire in the pants” seemed a bit advanced when she’s used to saying “butt hurts,” “diaper change,” and “butt feel better” (the latter being her way of saying “diaper cream”).

Then we were at Taco Del Mar last weekend and I heard her make a small fart. As a mom you’re totally used to this and basically ignore it. Then she said “fire pants.” Suddenly the light bulb turned on. Sweetness’s best pal is known to announce to anyone within ear shot if he pooed or just “farted in my pants.” Sweetness had just spent a day with him. Alas, “farted in my pants” becomes “fire pants.” This is one instance where her own take on a sentence has become quite a saving grace. I’d have been as red as the sun dried tomato wrap on my burrito if she’d loudly announced with perfect pronunciation at lunch time in a crowded restaurant “I farted in my pants!”

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Sarah March 4, 2010 at 11:44 am

I have a friend whose almost 3 year old son once announced loudly “I just farted out my mouth!”. He had burped. Ha!!

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