Post Puppy Patella and Pooper Preforations

by Heligirl on March 5, 2010

in Daily Ramblings,Poochies

I’m an anxious puppy mommy. My little ball of fuzz, my youngest little Chihuahua, Daggett, is having kneecap and butt surgery today. And no, they’re not related. How could you ask such a thing? Is your knee connected to your butt?

My little bundle of energy and puppy kisses popped his right kneecap out in November. He was in miserable pain and despite vet attempts to put it back in, it just slides out. I heard the pop when it came out and I figured he’d damaged the joint, taking out some cartilage that was keeping the patella, or kneecap, in place. In time he healed enough to where he used his leg again, but gingerly (unless there was a squirrel involved, then all bets were off and full leg usage was deployed).

About the time my vet convinced me that we needed to do a little surgical procedure to cut the groove the kneecap goes into a little deeper to help correct the damage (and help assure the little guy would not have debilitating arthritis in his older years), we had another issue. Daggett’s butt swelled up and exploded. In other words, one of his anal glands burst from an infection. He had this back in 2007 with the other gland. This hurts, is quite messy, and is expensive.

So with my Dagger Waggers already going under the knife and a load of the good drugs already lined up with his name on it, we decided to just have those offending glands removed to avoid future painful, bed-staining, cone-of-shame wearing, expensive episodes.

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