Suck Up and Sell

by Heligirl on March 9, 2010

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Lots o' crap

OK, so it's not this bad, but you get the idea.

The other day I took a long look at my little house that is feeling so crowded. Yes, I’ve gone from me, two Chihuahuas and a cat to me, hubby, two kids and added hubby’s two cats. But we also added a bathroom and pushed the master bedroom out adding half as much more space to that room. But still, I am feeling crowded. Yet it doesn’t take Ty Pennington and the team from Extreme Makeover to point out my unique home style – decor by Fisher Price – may be the culprit.

In the living room/dining room area alone I have an infant swing (not used in weeks), box of toys, art easel, exersaucer, Johnny Jump Up, Boppy, Breastfriend, play kitchen with associated crap, and two dinning room chairs used for kids (one with a space saver infant chair ( it can’t fit up to the table) and one with a booster). That’s not counting what Sweetness could drag out of her room at any moment, which typically could be – train set, stroller with dolly, various vehicles, and riding toys. Oh the humanity of my little ranch. I need a family room.

Then there is the stuff piling up in the garage – two strollers, infant car seat with two bases, infant bouncer seat, shopping cart seat cover, Baby Bjorn, infant floor gym, and a diaper pail.

Part of me is screaming “GARAGE SALE!!” I’m thinking of the money I can make off this and perhaps have the vacation my doggy’s surgery took from the budget. Or, I could use the cash to buy the next batch of crap the kids will need. My garage would have more space and a corner of my living room where the swing sits.

Then the hormones grab me by the throat and throttle me like a wet doll. “These are the precious little things people gave you for baby showers and that you bought in extreme excitement for your babies’ arrivals. Selling them off is getting rid of memories. You’ll never have any more babies,” the evil hormones say. Then I get all nostalgic to the point where I actually played the music on the gym one last time, even though the batteries were dying and it sounded terrible.

I know this is all so very stupid. What am I going to do, save all this crap forever? My mom saved some stuff, claiming I could use it, or she could with my kids when they came over. Guess what, I never did, and neither did she. Can’t use that excuse for my kids. There are people out there that can’t afford brand new stuff and could use my well cared for stuff, before it is obsolete or beyond it’s use-by date (in the case of the car seat).

I know that when the time comes for this stuff to really leave, I will cry really hard as it walks away. I spent so many years wanting to be a mommy. I knew I wanted to be a mom since I was a little girl (even chose the name of my daughter when I was 12) and was really feeling the urge for 10 years before Sweetness was born. All those years and the trappings of those precious infant months are in your life for such a short time.

You know, I might just have to suck it up. And by suck it up, I mean leave the hubby to sell off the stuff while I hide in the back room/take the kids to grandma’s for the day/drink myself into oblivion.

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Kathy March 15, 2010 at 9:08 pm

Just FYI, there’s a GREAT consignment opportunity called “Just Between Friends” that is for selling all that sort of stuff. You have to price and tag it all, but it is great to have so many buyers in one spot (and in my opinion, easier than a garage sale to organize since someone else is doing all the real organizing!). They are all over the country, so check it out on I’ve done a couple and come away with a few hundred bucks, plus some great buys myself!

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