Potty Mouth Cure

by Heligirl on March 10, 2010

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I went in for my bimonthly beauty pampering and old age hiding ritual (hair cut and color) and Janet, my lovely hair stylist, shared a great story a friend of her’s bestowed about how to get her child to cease potty mouth for good. Her friend swore this worked. So for those with slightly older children than I, here is something worth a try:

Potty water. Forget soap, time out and other punishments. Water from the toilet is the cure. Stick with me here. Whenever the little darling felt it was prudent to spew of the foul language, his mommy would announce that it was time for him to drink potty water as that was the only thing to wash out potty mouth. This, of course, grossed out the child pretty good. Now, mom wasn’t an idiot. She’d go into the bathroom, shut the door, flush the toilet to cover up the sound of her pouring water into a cup from the faucet, then bring out the cup and force the child to drink.

The boy put up a fight and only took a couple of sips, but a couple of times of that little mind trick did the deed. The boy stopped cussing.

Janet wondered how she could be a mom for 17 years and not have heard about this, but she thought it was pretty ingenious. Hey, when nothing else it working, it’s worth a try, at least for a specific age group that will not catch on to the reality behind the trick. Here’ s hoping the child doesn’t decide to show his pals he can drink potty water when he’s over at their houses!

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