Sunday Yard Work

by Heligirl on March 14, 2010

in Daily Ramblings

It’s mid-March, first day of Daylight Savings Time, and the yard looks like POO. Some plants and parts of the grass are in a sad state after that week of 100+ temps last year. I figured they’d recover over the winter, but alas parts are dead and there are bald spots in the lawn. Why can’t the weeds suffer the same fate?

The good news it it’s been raining lately so the ground is good and soft. Perfect time to massacre some weeds, as my mom would say. So when Mr. Man went down for a nap, we attacked. All three of us. And we got a good section weeded. It’s a start. But my favorite part was watching my little Sweetness get into helping, using her gardening gloves and tools she got from Grammy last summer.

Working in the yard.

Sweetness hard at work.

I just love the little green gloves, that are still a bit big.


What mom, I'm working here!

She was annoyed that I kept taking photos.

Taking the weeds to the compost.

Taking the weeds off to the compost pile.

She just picked up the bin and started for the compost pile without any prompting. She’d watched Mommy and Daddy do it several times, so why not her? Too cute. Even though her tricycle, toy lawnmower and riding toy were out, she just wanted to pull weeds with Mommy and Daddy. We’re savoring it while we can.

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