Quiet Baby Steps

by Heligirl on March 17, 2010

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Too cute, I had to borrow this from Babble.com.

Out of the blue yesterday after I got home from work and the nanny left, Sweetness stopped what she was doing and stared off into space – classic potty behavior. She then looked at me, grabbed the front of her diaper and said, “Sit on potty. Diaper change.” Though I knew she already went, I jumped out of my seat and ran to the bathroom all excited about her renewed interest in the potty. “Maybe we’ll be out of diapers by high school, instead of college,” I think as she follows me to the bathroom. We stopped by her little potty and I proceeded to undo her pants and diaper when she grabbed my hands and said,” “no, big girl potty” and pointed to the toilet.

I was stunned into silence. The big girl potty? That big scary thing she’s screamed blood murder about the couple of times in her whole life I’ve had the audacious nerve to suggest she might want to sit on? I think I actually said, “Are you serious?”

We walked the few feet to the big girl potty and I showed her she could put her stool in front of it and step up. She pushed my hands away and low and behold, she did it herself. She stepped up, turned, sat down carefully and slid back a bit, all by herself, and told me as much, “all by myself, you did it!” (She’s still working on pronouns.) She got on and off and then started to get silly, smiling, singing, kicking her feet, so proud of herself. I warned her to be careful, to keep her feet on the stool and hands on the seat. She must have thought I was full of hot air. Until it happened.

“Splash!” Oh the screaming that accosted my ears as I suddenly envisioned my dreams of pre-college potty training fly out the window (just above my head and a little to the left). This was a delicate moment, I knew it. She could be scarred for life – afraid to sit on the toilet now for several years – if I didn’t play this right. I pulled her up right away and resisted the urge to say “it’s alright.” If it was alright, she wouldn’t be screaming. Now more than ever I HAD to get the connection thing right.

“That scared you. And the water’s cold, isn’t it? It’s just water. Cold water. Like a cold bath.”

She took a couple of more breaths of crying then settled down really quick. “Cold.”

“Aw, yes. It’s cold. You know what? Mommy did that too when she was little. That’s cold on your butt. But look, now we can wipe and flush.” I showed her how to pull off the toilet paper and she LOVES to flush, so suddenly it was all worth it. She flushed and then stepped back up and sat back down, this time herself she said, “be careful.”

In the end, she sat on the toilet in the kids/guest bathroom for about 20 minutes then followed me into the master bath and got on and off that toilet for another 20 minutes while I took a shower. She found ours to be more comfortable as we have the elongated seat (not as wide for a little tushy) where the guest bathroom’s seat is round. Despite this 40 minute foray into the world of the “big girl potty,” no business was actually done. She sat on it again before bed and again this morning. Still nothing. We did take a trip to Babies R Us and got a little travel potty that sits on the toilet so she can hold on and not fall in. She actually wanted to use it at the store, so we did. Still no business though.

One small step for potty training. One giant gin and tonic for Mommy.

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