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by Heligirl on March 18, 2010

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Organic Baby Food

Cheaper and more healthy than jarred food.

Since Sweetness first graced us with her presence, I’ve been a bit on the fanatical side about what I would allow to enter her perfect little body. I started getting organic produce and prepared that as baby food. Recently I took to doing this again as Mr. Man started on solid food. It’s so easy, I just wish I had more time to do it is all. Jarred food has one thing on it’s side though – it’s fast and easy.

So yesterday I got my box of yummy goodness, delivered bright and early to my front porch, and went to work making a couple of weeks of baby food for Mr. Man. I ordered extra zucchini, apples, pears, sweet potatoes and peas and went to work. If I get an hour or so of quiet time I can set up quite a productive assembly line. First pop the sweet potato into the oven. That takes about an hour to bake. Then I started with the pears and apples, pealing then slicing. They go together into the steamer and then I set the timer. Don’t forget the timer, whatever you do.

“Timer,” you ask? Well, let me tell you a little story. More than once. In fact more times that I’d like to admit, I’ve just sort of lost track of time. Kids need me, phone rings, I find a Hugh Jackman movie playing on HBO, you know the drill. The next thing you know it’s all “what’s that smell” followed by several hours of soaking and scrubbing a pot that now has burnt/baked/solidified fruit sugars crusted on so tight you might as well polish them with the pot. So, now I set the timer. Because Mommy’s getting old and has had two babies and can’t think as well as she used to and doesn’t sleep long enough and needs a tropical vacation.

While the apples and pears bake, I mean steam, I get to work on pealing and slicing the zucchini, and so on and so on. Typically I wait until the fruit or vegi has cooled down then I get out my trusty <a href=” hand blender</a> and make quick work of the stuff. Remember to add a little water. I suppose you can use the regular blender too, but I prefer this as I can shake it around as it pulverizes to assure it’s the right consistency. Then everything goes in the dishwasher.

Once it’s good and pulverized, into the ice cube trays it goes. Cover with plastic wrap and a few hours later – voila. Baby food. I put the cubes in baggies so it’s easy to pull out a few cubes of different things to make a meal. For instance, tonight Mr. Man dined on beef stew, carrots and peas. One cube of each set out mid-afternoon (or defrosted in the microwave if you forget like me) and mixed up makes for a very tasty, and much cheaper than jarred baby food, meal.

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