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by Heligirl on March 31, 2010

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OK, I admit it. I’m a frugal mama. How the heck else do you stay on top of two growing kids eating you out of house and home while they outgrow things faster than you can replace them? It just doesn’t make sense to spend money on new stuff every time you turn around. Especially when there are lots and lots of gently used stuff out there that is in just fine shape. It just isn’t responsible to fill our landfills with more crap.

So I started buying stuff at consignment shops – from maternity clothes to clothes for the kids. And just recently I started taking my nicer, less used stuff back to sell. One place I liked above all others until this afternoon was Me ‘N Moms in Ballard. Their stuff was well organized (so different from the pig sties of so many other overcrowded kid consignment places) and they had some nice new toys as well.

Now the stuff I’ve bought from them in the past was definitely used. There was no doubt about it. I even got some things I noticed stains or marks on when I got home. But the price was right so I just washed them well. So what pissed me off royally today is when I took in my two bags of stuff, making sure I had no more than their strict 35 pieces maximum limit, they had the audacity to give half back to me.

“What was wrong with these? I looked them over and am really sorry if I brought something that had a stain.” I said.

“I don’t know, I didn’t go through the whole bag.” The sales lady said. She actually said that in a ‘you’re annoying me, go away’ tone.

“What? Why not?”

“Did you have more than 35 things?” the owner chimes in, clearly just as uninterested in me as a person or a customer.

“No, I specifically counted it all. What was wrong.”

“We only need spring and summer stuff.”

I pulled out the shorts outfit,”This isn’t spring and summer?”

“Oh, well, I guess that’s OK.”

“And these Crocs? Are they saying ‘winter’ to you?”

“We can use those too.”

I pulled out two short sleeved maternity shirts and handed them to her.

“Those are pilling up. We only take pristine things now.”

I have to be totally honest with you. These shirts look like they’d been washed a couple times, but certainly looked NO worse than the ones I’d bought from this very store the year before. In fact, they looked better. That’s why I chose them to bring in. These looked evenly worn, clean and soft. I’d bought them at Old Navy about two months before I gave birth last year and wore them for maybe three months at the rate of about once a week.

“Seriously? Why did I only have things more worn than this to choose from when I was shopping here before.”

“Oh we just changed our policy.”

Would have been nice to know BEFORE I went through everything and made the trek out there. They also told me some of the cute pants and shirts of my daughters that I’d turned in weren’t needed because they had enough of them. Also, something that would have been nice to know BEFORE the trip.

“So what do you need so I don’t waste half of my 35 items on things you don’t want. I have boxes of sizes at home I can chose from. I don’t want to waste either of our time.”

“Spring and summer stuff,” she says, now annoyed that she’s had to tell this obviously mentally challenged customer twice.

For the love of God. Are these people really trying to turn away business, or does their bitchy attitude just come with the cost of $12 used Robbies? To be honest, there was one very small slightly discolored spot on the collar of one shirt I didn’t catch, but that was it that I agreed with. If they were upfront with what they needed and what they wouldn’t accept, with examples, and were consistent, that would be one thing. Kindly explaining it rather than accusing you of bringing more than their blessed 35-item limit so they didn’t bother to look at everything might be nice. But this “you bought sub-par stuff from us in the past (you idiot), but we won’t sell your nicer stuff” policy turned me off.

I did a round of the store to get some “new” clothes for my kids and I must say, I didn’t find much that wasn’t more used than the stuff I dropped off. That “pristine” policy must only refer to people they deem worthy, I guess. I’m done making the 30-minute trek across town to waste my time with them any longer. I can get the same quality here, even though the store is a little messier.

Customer service, people. You might want to look that up!!

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Sarah March 31, 2010 at 9:47 pm

I’ve always found the pricing at Me N’ Moms to be out of whack. They are the most expensive consignment store I can think of that doesn’t specifically concentrate on high-end brands. All the more reason to sell your stuff through my site, my dear! No customer service attitude, no trek and no limit! 🙂

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