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by Heligirl on April 5, 2010

in Daily Ramblings

Sweetness cruising the backyard in style.

I heard the only American car maker making any money this year is Little Tikes. Well, I can say it’s sure easy to see why. Sweetness had discovered the Little Tikes Cozy Coupe at the community center toddler time, and to say she was in love is a bit of an under statement. She was perfectly happy just driving this thing all over the gym for an hour or so, completely uninfluenced by the line of children following her around hoping she’d eventually walk away and they could play.

Suddenly I was transported back to when I was six years old and played with a friend’s Big Wheel. I was so obsessed. I played for hours and hours. I drove all over the neighborhood with my Superman trading card taped to the handlebars. You see, we all had a trading card of some sort with us so we could show each other pictures of our boyfriends. I got the good one. I felt bad for the chick that drew Darth Vader. I pretended to pull up for gas at all the mailboxes (which doubled for gas stations), go for groceries, even meet my boyfriend for lunch. Ah, the life. But beg as I might, I never got a Big Wheel. And I had to give the trading card back.

Flash back to today. With her birthday a good six months away and me trying desperately to limit excessive spending lest my job suddenly go the way of the Dodo, I still found myself wanting to please the heck out of my gorgeous little girl who was falling for her first car the way I lusted over the Big Wheel. So, like the slave of a Mommy I am, I went to Craig’s List. The whole of my entire area had one, and only one, Little Tikes car. It was actually a more expensive version than the one that Sweetness used at the gym because it came with a removable push bar and a floorboard so you could use it with even younger children. It was in great shape and only $35! Score!

So off I went after work Friday to procure said object of my baby girl’s lust – a whole 20 miles from home. And what did I get for my troubles? Several hours of quiet playtime for Sweetness as she opened the door, got in, drove it around, got out, pretended to gas it, got in, closed the door, drove around, talked to the cats and dogs, and generally enjoyed the heck out of herself. And I kid you not, at one point I heard her talking away and poked my head out the door to see her shouting in front of her and waving her arm around. Was she really yelling at “the other drivers?” (Note to self, try harder to avoid telling other drivers they’re idiots when kids are in the car.) At least she didn’t feel the desire to carry photos of hot actors with her. I know, give it time.

I love it when I do something right.

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