Sick Day

by Heligirl on April 7, 2010

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The Rugrats (iPhone shot).

It’s been a rather crazy day here at the Heligirl household. I’m off work on Wednesdays, but rarely does that mean it’s less busy. However, when one or both kids are sick it can either be really lazy (lots of watching movies and sleeping) or just plain nuts.

What made today particularly exciting was the fact that it was picture day at preschool. The day I bought that gorgeous little purple and white dress last weekend for. The one I programmed my iPhone to remind me not to forget for the past week. The one I got up early for and made sure I was wearing something fairly nice and did my makeup for.

I was ready. Mr. Man slept straight through to 5 a.m., giving Mommy seven uninterrupted hours of sleep (would have been longer if I hadn’t have gotten sucked into the Deadliest Catch, which by the way when mixed with dark chocolate leads to some pretty odd dreams, just so you know). Sweetness slept in, which was my first sign things might not go so well today. She only sleeps in when she’s not feeling well. I was really hoping she’d be feeling better by today.

When Sweetness did get up she was hungry and ate a bowl of cereal. Good sign. She was really thirsty and kept drinking water. She asked about preschool and was ready to get into her dress, but something was nagging at me to not put her in it just yet. So I put her in a shirt and pants. She followed me out to the dining room where she promptly puked up everything all over herself and the area rug. I had 10 minutes until I had to leave.

The rules state you can’t come to school if you’re sick and on any other day, I’d have just bagged it. But it was picture day and I didn’t want her to not be in her class photo or not have photos in that adorable little dress. I was determined to make this happen. We’d regret it for a long time if we didn’t. I resolved myself to just take her to school for photos and leave.

We made it a few minutes late, but as it turned out, the photographer was late too. The teacher was cool with us just hanging out in the library so Sweetness and I read books until they announced pictures would start in 10 minutes. Sweetness hadn’t made any barfing signs in a while so I quickly changed her into her dress and off we went with her classmates to get her photos. At first, she seriously considered a breakdown as everyone was lining up for photos. But other moms and her teacher talked her out of it and she sat next to me. The photographer was not above being a complete ham which made him in a word, excellent! Everyone started laughing, including Sweetness. I got so psyched. YES!

Then Sweetness watched one of her classmates have his photo taken and walked right up to get hers when he was done, something she’s never done before. I was so ready for a fight, but she again surprised me. She really liked the photographer, and I really was now too. She laughed and smiled a lot. I can’t WAIT to see the shots. Thank God for small miracles.

I gave Sweetness lots of hugs and kisses for helping Mommy get nice pictures. I was so grateful we at least got those.

The rest of the day she’s been really clingy, sleepy, and picky about what she’ll eat. She only wants a couple of bites of things.

Then there’s her brother who’s “crawling” has gotten rather proficient. I use the term “crawling” liberally here. What he does is more like flopping around like a fat Harbor Seal pup. He’s not the least bit interested in my showing him how to get on his knees and crawl on all four limbs. That matched with the fact that he is only interested in the things he shouldn’t touch – electrical outlet covers, the vertical blinds, the sleeping dogs, etc. – has kept Mommy running all over the place when she’s not trying to get Sweetness to eat or drink something, anything. Sweetness keeps trying to help, wanting to play with her brother, or at least give him things. But I’m under the delusion that if I keep them separate, he’ll remain healthy. I know you more experienced parents are laughing now, aren’t you. Hey, I can dream.

Then when Sweetness announced she wanted to sit on the potty, I followed her to do my obligatory reading of the potty books. Once she was firmly in place, I looked down at her foot and noticed two welts that looked like bug bites, one on each side of her foot. YIKES!! A little ointment and a whole lot of clothing and bedding in the wash later, she’s now playing with her train set while Mr. Man sleeps off his latest seal impression induced exhaustion. And I’ve now realized it’s way too late for lunch. Guess I’ll just make dinner.

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