Guilty Pleasure

by Heligirl on April 9, 2010

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I have a really strange guilty pleasure dejour. Maybe it will last a while, or perhaps it will fade when something “better” comes along. Who knows? I only know I’ve been getting these really weird obsessions the last few years that I can only attribute to the massive influx of hormones that come when you’re pregnant and/or breastfeeding.

So what does this not pregnant but still breastfeeding girl desire this time around? Are you sure you’re ready for this? OK, you asked for it. The Deadliest Catch. Yup. That’s it. A Discovery Channel show with more beeps than an 80s video game about salty sea dogs dragging tons of crab out of the Bering Sea in the middle of winter. I must be out of my mind.

However, if I may, there are some serious observations I must share. First off, men like to carry on about “all the drama” of chick flicks and “woman shows.” After watching a few episodes of this here “manly show,” I have to say, BITE ME boys. I about peed myself watching the deck hands getting all up in each other’s face, complaining behind each other’s backs and whatnot. It’s Bridzillas on the open sea.

And the captains. Don’t get me started on those guys. Lots of shots of them gossiping about each other on the radio as well as yelling at their crews like Bridzillas on crack. No one is ever convincing me men avoid the drama. People who proudly proclaim themselves as having the deadliest job on the planet carry on like a bunch of territorial sorority girls at a frat party. It’s hilarious.

So why do I watch? OK, honestly, I’ve come to like these guys. Under their rough exterior and drama-prone ways lie some pretty neat people who’ve had to claw their way (in a matter of speaking) against the odds to these positions. You just have to get around Discovery’s decision to edit in more drama than really needs to be there because they think that’s what we want. Four months on the ocean, there’s probably a few days of drama, but every minute of it makes the show. Seriously though, you kind of start feeling like you know these guys after a while and you care about their success. Long time fans know this best with the blow that was the loss of Phil, one of the captains, last February to a stroke.

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That's Sig, on the right, with brother Edgar. Photo courtesy of

Then there’s Sig, the captain of the Northwestern. He’s been on the show from the beginning. By far the best looking of the bunch, he also strikes me as the most grounded. You don’t see him in much of the drama stuff, so they don’t cover him quite as much as the drama queens on the other boats. He’s a deeply committed family man, following in dad’s footsteps. If I wanted to learn more about the trade, he’s the one I’d approach.

And last, but not least, is the photography. The photographers are outdoing themselves now and I LOVE it. I saw a glimpse of a first season episode the other day and the photography today is night and day. Not only are they now shooting HD, but the angles and risks they’re taking to get good stuff as they get more comfortable on the boats make for amazing film. Cool stuff.

So with the season 6 starting next week, and most of the boats cruising back into town (yes, most are here in Seattle) about now, I’m sucked in for a while.

In case you’re wondering, no, nobody is paying me to say anything about this show. But if someone from Discovery wants to arrange for me to have a beer with Sig, I’d take one for the team and go. I’m a professional you know. I would be remiss in my duties if I passed on the opportunity”¦

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