Meeting Captain Sig

by Heligirl on April 10, 2010

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Yours truly and Captain Sig.

You’re not going to believe this. As I was searching for a photo to put with yesterday’s post I discovered my favoritest crab boat captain was not only in town at that very moment, but he just published a book, North by Northwestern: A Seafaring Family on Deadly Alaskan Waters, about his family’s history in the industry (I told you he was a family man) and would be doing a book signing that very night.

What kind of appreciator of gazing at Captain Sig’s pretty face would I be if I passed up this opportunity? I had about five hours to properly prepare. Now, before you wonder what kind of preparation is really necessary, hear me out. I’m not talking emergency boob job and hair do. I’m talking find a copy of the book in case the bookstore sells out (been known to happen), acquire said copy of book, arrange for (beg) Hubby to take the kids solo so I can go, and, hopefully, find someone to go with me.

Well, the planets aligned. That evening I found myself in a Lutheran Church (funny story), sans kids, with about 100 other folks from all walks of life (another pleasant surprise), my pal Sarah and Captain Sig. How’s that for throwing out to the universe what you want and having it thrown back at you faster than it takes to soak a crab pot?

In all seriousness, the guy was as down to earth as he’d seemed on the show. He seems to be enjoying his fame and has been using it to do a great deal of good in areas that are important to him – charities, fishing and other legislation affecting his livelihood, etc. He graciously and respectfully answered questions from all kinds of folks, from a little boy who asked if it was cold on the boat (“Yes, it gets very cold. Sometimes 30 to 40 below. But what can be worse is the wind chill. When the wind blows that makes it even colder.”) to a lady who had to be in her 50s who asked if she could quote him then she shouted “I want a damn crab count and I want it now,” which cracked him up something fierce (most likely due to the awkwardness of her request and this little lady bellowing out his trademark temper response to his crew).

Overall, he just answered questions for 90 minutes then signed books, taking a moment to chat with each person. Every bit as adorable in person, as well as pleasantly approachable and outgoing, Sig made a great impression on us all and I’m looking forward to learning more about him and his family in his book. I was also impressed with his tolerance of some of the more star struck individuals. Having done my time in Hollywood, I’ve seen and heard some pretty weird stuff fans ask. Actors are about promoting themselves and that comes with their job. But a crab boat captain who fell into fame? He used his witty comebacks and kept everyone laughing, including himself.


Mary April 10, 2010 at 9:08 am

What an interesting guy. Thanks for the story.

Alex aka Ma What's For Dinner April 10, 2010 at 9:10 am

I love The Deadliest Catch!!!! I love love love it. I love Sig and his brother! But I have to admit that the Time Bandit is my favorite boat. Those guys are so funny. But I love when Sig gets all tired and crabby (see what I did there?) and yells at everyone. Such an awesome show. I’ll have to go pick up the book. Great pics!

Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!
Alex aka Ma What’s For Dinner

Kathleen April 10, 2010 at 11:40 am

I really enjoyed this post! I’m stopping by from Sits. Happy Saturday!

Sarah April 10, 2010 at 12:24 pm

He really is a super nice guy. (Though my heart inexplicably belongs to Edgar. 🙂

Thanks for taking me along for the ride!

Jessica April 21, 2011 at 9:58 am

Lucky! I wish Sig would give a book signing in Austin. He’s my all-time fave captain! Admittedly, I have a bit of a small time crush on the guy.
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