Speeders Beware

by Heligirl on April 13, 2010

in Daily Ramblings

Better slow down on Friday, Saturday and Sunday in these here parts.

Ok, so I’m driving in to work the other day and there’s a story on NPR about how the state got a grant and is boosting police forces on the street in an effort to crack down on speeding – “Slow Down or Pay Up.” Catchy eh? Got my attention and I checked the speed. Thanks for the heads up, KPLU.

But the story continues.  They then interview the highway state patrol spokesperson, who goes on to tell us exactly what times of each day they’ll be beefing up patrols, both state and local jurisdictions, because those are the times where statistically speaking, the most injury and fatal accidents occur due to speeding. He even said the end date of the patrols (which I promptly forgot because I was laughing too hard and the absurdity of his quote, but I looked it up – May 1.)

I’m sitting there thinking, “Gee, thanks for the real heads up. Now we all know exactly what hours each day of the week we need to watch out for you all. Some use of those tax dollars. Dingaling.” (I’m cracking myself up calling everyone a dingaling now.)

I ask you, what the hell good is a crack down when everyone knows about it? What’s next, sending flowers and a note saying, “Just to let you know, we have a search warrant and we’ll be stopping by tomorrow to serve it. How does 10 a.m. work for you?” Yelling through the bull horn “I’m going to cover my eyes and count to 10 and if you’re still there, we’re coming in!” Give me a break.

So, if you happen to be driving around Washington state from 11 am to 7 pm  Friday, or noon to 8 p.m. Saturday or Sunday, better watch that speed. Until after May 1. Then have at it again.

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