Battered and Bruised

by Heligirl on May 10, 2010

in Daily Ramblings

As I watched in slow motion, I’m sure my heart skipped a few beats. I was tired and my ankles hurt from a long week on my feet. I’d already tripped a couple of times that day, though I didn’t think much of it. However, this time I was carrying Mr. Man. And I was walking down the stairs to my cement patio.

As my left foot caught on God knows what, probably itself, I tried to shift but knew I was screwed. My right foot was just about to hit the next step down and there wasn’t time to push back off before my balance was completely gone. My left foot hung up on something as I tried to move it under me. I saw nothing but the bundle of baby boy in my arms, straddling my left hip.

I had just enough time to put my left hand on his head, wrap my right arm around him and twist slightly to my right side before I hit the concrete. And I hit hard. My feet were still up on the stairs when we struck.

Mr. Man started screaming and all I could think of was I’d broken one of his limbs with that hard crash from two steps up. I’d landed squarely on my right hip, arm and shoulder. I was afraid one of his legs got pinned under my right side. I didn’t feel any pain.

Hubby took him from me and quickly looked him over as my mom ran to my side. By some miracle of miracles, Mr. Man was unscathed. Not even a scratch on his bare hands or feet. As it turned out, the drop and sudden stop scared him and he stopped crying after a couple of minutes.

As for me, the whole back of my left hand, which cradled his head, has a serious case of road rash and is deeply bruised. My right wrist aches (I had to wear an old wrist splint so I could sleep last night). My right shoulder is very sore in a pulled muscle kind of way and I have a deep purple bruise on my right hip. And my ankles hurt even more now. Advil is my bedfellow today.

I know I shouldn’t feel like I failed, but I’m fighting that feeling. I think it would be much worse if I’d have hurt my little man. I’ve had two babies in three years that have changed my center of gravity and caused my arches to collapse. My feet get sore sooner. Also, I never did get my strength back after my full right hip replacement. In my mind, I’m thinking I’ve failed to take care of myself so that I have the strength and balance to safely carry and be around my kids. Not a great feeling to have on Mother’s Day.

I know, it could have been much worse and if I really was that weak and unbalanced (in a physical sense, because we all know I’m proudly off balance mentally), I’d have dropped, fallen on and hurt both kids many times by now. I haven’t, thankfully. Though there is clearly room for me to work on my body.

So my resolution to myself now is to find the money in the budget, or a little extra freelance work, so I can start taking this sorry ass to the gym three times a week and work on my strength training. I’ll have to wait a couple of days for my bruised body to heal, but that’s it.

Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how did you like the show? We had a lovely day of mommy worship. My wonderful hubby gave me flowers and a bottle of wine from the vineyard where we were married, took me to breakfast, then took me to a nursery so I could pick out some really nice shrubs to put in my flowerbed that has been nothing more than a dirt pile for two years. That afternoon my mom and her fiancé and my brother and his girlfriend came over for a BBQ. Thus my swan dive that got me a -7.8 from the Norwegian judge.

Yet, it all ended on a bittersweet little note. After I picked myself up and surveyed my bloody hand, I looked up into these big, scared blue eyes of my baby girl. She leaned over and kissed me then said, “You OK Mommy?” God how I love those little creatures and would do anything for them. Clearly.


Kris May 10, 2010 at 12:09 pm

Oh Lordy – I did this nearly exact thing on Friday. Leaving the car lot to walk into Luna Park, I tripped on the parking bump and fell headfirst into the fencing. Of course I was holding baby G. Thank goodness instinct kicked in, I covered his head with my hands and tried to fall down instead of forward. Unfortunately it was hard – and on both knees. They are badly bruised adn scraped, and my thigh bones and knees still really hurt. G was scared, but not a mark on him. Sh#t happens, but Mam-instinct is amazing. We did not fail – we SUCCEEDED!

Jim May 10, 2010 at 6:30 pm

Broke my ankle last year, stepping off my motorcycle…. Yep time for exercise.

I had an accident on a stage during rehearsal a few years back. A cornice of the stage collapsed sending me down into a stack of chairs and music stands. It was a slow painful drop to the floor as chair legs and music stands poked and prodded me all the way down. As the band turned to see what all the racket was, all they saw was this huge mess of chairs and stands all falling in on themselves, with a lone arm sticking straight up in the middle, holding an undamaged trombone.

Take Care!

Tracy (AKA The Mayor!) May 10, 2010 at 7:16 pm

Well, like you said….baby is all good, & your family clearly loves you & spoiled you nicely! Getting physically battered & bruised is just one more sacrifice we make for our kidlets LOL!! Rest up, feel better chickie!! 😀

Sarah May 10, 2010 at 11:51 pm

Nothing is scarier than falling while holding your baby. All of us who have done it, though, have come out the battered ones while our sweet babies escape unscathed. We instinctively shield our children, so really, the fact that you are so incredibly beat up is a testament to what a great mom you are, how strong your maternal instincts are. 🙂

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