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by Heligirl on May 14, 2010

in Daily Ramblings

Time is funny stuff. About a month ago I wrote about Deadliest Catch being a guilty pleasure. Then that very night I had the opportunity to meet who was at the time my favorite captain. A couple of weeks later I found myself at the Deadliest Catch convention, covering it for the press, and since that time I’ve had the amazing opportunity to meet many of the guys and make some amazing connections. One was with a booking agent who works with several of the crewmembers and within two days I had the opportunity to connect one of those crew members with an appearance opportunity. I think I’ve got myself a new calling.

Here is the internal video from Alaska Airlines of their Copper Chef Cookoff celebrating the beginning of the summer salmon season. I worked with Alaska and Mike Fourtner, deckhand on the F/V Time Bandit on Deadliest Catch, to have Mike be a judge in the event. Mike ended up being a huge hit, and so much fun to work with. I may have started to make my mark in the booking biz, but it’s my new pals I value the most. Enjoy!

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