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by Heligirl on June 16, 2010

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You would be hard pressed these days to find someone who thinks Comcast is a wonderful, caring, fair company. This company is run by the paranoid arm of the Mafia. I’m just sure of it. The executives and management that are making up the rules are the same people that go around kicking puppies and stealing lollipops from babies. For fun. But they’ll buy you flowers if anyone is looking because they’re paranoid about looking bad.

Lucky for me I watched, took notes and am getting really good at making them bend over themselves every time they attempt to slip it to me.

Strike 1: November 2004 – when their incompetent installer left a nailed shut gate open (he wrenched it open) and my little dog got out and was hit by a car. Daggett survived, after $7,000 in medical bills. Comcast tried to play hard ball. When their insurance company called me and actually said my dog wasn’t worth more than $100, I told them my attorney just got a statement from one of their employees who admitted the installer had other complaints about him and we’re looking at a serious case of negligence. I got a check in the mail for $7,000. Of course, I had to sign something saying I wouldn’t sue. No prob, the attorney gave me the advice to say I had a statement, and didn’t charge me for the advice. 🙂

Strike 2: February 2010 – They tried to raise my bill. I called and told them I’d lost my job and would need to cancel. They cut $30 bucks off.

Strike 3: June 2010 – My bill went up $30 in May then another $72 in June, for a total of $102 in two months. That more than doubled my bill. Their justification? I don’t get the bundled services discount after my one-year contract is up (and HBO isn’t free anymore for me either), even though they’re still bundled – Happy Anniversary! But they’ll knock $20 off for my trouble of calling today. My response: I have three other companies I can get internet, phone and TV from at the same level for less than $100. Bye bye. The bill suddenly went down $100, but only for another six months. Guess I’ll be talking to them again in December.

It makes me sick that they’re ripping off others that don’t threaten to leave when the bill goes up.  Especially in this economy. Bastards. And if you’re wondering why I don’t just go with another carrier, well, um, there isn’t one that offers all the services. I’d need to sign up with three different companies, get a new DVR (losing all the stuff we have on ours), etc. Hassle, hassle. But the guy somewhere in Atlanta answering the phone doesn’ t know that.


nic June 17, 2010 at 4:48 am

I HATE Comcast with a blinding, loathing, passion. We wound up leaving them to go with DISH but had to keep our internet service since there’s nothing else around here worth anything. Would you believe those bastards charge us $60 a month JUST for internet? It doubled when we cancelled their cable services. Want to call and chew them out for me? DH does it a lot, but I’m pretty sure by now they’ve noted the system that he’s crazy so it doesn’t do any good anymore. lol.

Twitter: Heligirl
June 17, 2010 at 9:02 am

They totally try to screw as many people as possible with that little tidbit. I hear about it a lot. Here in Seattle, they actually signed an agreement with the city. Get this, only Comcast can have cable service in the city limits, as long as they make cable available to everyone in the city. As a result, they charge up the ass because they know they’re the only game in town. Cool thing for us is I’m right on the border of city limits and have other options so I have a little leverage.

Kristen Truong June 18, 2010 at 12:08 pm

You GO! You have been WAY more successful with Comcast than me! Of course, they have a monopoly in my sub…

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