Fall Foliage

November 3, 2012

We don’t have a lot of fall foliage here in the Pacific Northwest the way the do in the Northeast. After all, we are the Evergreen State, right? But there are those collections of trees (mostly man planted) that can give the fall color I love. Last fall I broke down and put some of […]

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Halloween Fun

October 18, 2012

As the weather starts to shift here, I’m digging out the old craft supplies to make some fun indoor activities. When I was at Target today I saw this little bag of mini pumpkins for $3.49. Perfect. With some paint, glue, crafty embellishments and even a few markers we had ourselves an hour of crafty […]

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How to curb lying

October 8, 2012

What do you do when your child starts lying? For me the first instinct was to get really mad. But I had to cool myself off and give it a good long think. I was a constant liar when I was a child. It wasn’t until I reached my adult years that I learned from […]

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Kindergarten Reality Slap Down

October 5, 2012

This week I read a little sentence from a friend on Facebook that sent my whole world into a spin: “Early enrollment for next year’s kindergarten opens next week.” My reaction: “Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!” This has nothing to do with not being physically prepared. Sweetness turned 5 two weeks ago, has all of her shots, is starting […]

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Mom Tip Monday: Do a Science with your Kids

October 1, 2012

I’ve started following @SarcasticRover on Twitter. The creation of hilarious humorist and screenwriter Jason Filiatrault, it’s a parody of what the Mars Rover would be tweeting if it was in fact alive, could tweet, and, well, had Internet on Mars. He coined “Let’s do a science,” which caught on so much the real folks at […]

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How to Manage Allowance

September 24, 2012

In many of my positive discipline/positive parenting books and even a couple of the lectures I’ve attended, there are some misconnects when it comes to allowance, chores and the rules inbetween. One belief goes to lengths about how children should get allowances regardless of whether they did their chores or not, as they’re considered a […]

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The Importance of Doing Nothing

September 4, 2012

I’ve been remiss in blogging lately due to being way too bogged down with life to have time to write. I’ve so much to tell you, like how I picked up knitting and have made some really awesome things and wonderful new friends. Or how we went to Yellowstone and how sweetness picked up photography […]

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Wordless Wednesday: Is Screaming a Word?

August 15, 2012

I went out onto the patio the other morning and this creature had made itself at home on the table. It wasn’t phased by me sliding a tape measure behind it to get perspective. Gaaaaaaa! Tweet

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