Caffeine Free Update

by Heligirl on August 27, 2011

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Ok, so I got this wild idea that if I quit using caffeine and alcohol, I’d feel better and have more energy.

I was sitting around with four girlfriends last week. One talked about how she’s going to quit smoking. Another said she’s going to start meditating to be more focused. The third talked about how she quit caffeine and after about 10 days felt much better, so now she’s on to the next step of eating a little better to lose weight.

My future husband, Wolverine. I'm going to be the talk of ComicCon next year!

That got me to thinking. I could sure use more energy. I mean, in addition to keeping up with the kids and staying on top of the increase in work, I’m secretly planning my escape to marry Wolverine. (Don’t tell anyone. It’s a surprise.)

So I decided I’d join my spiritual sisters in a quest to reduce the chemicals flowing through my system in an attempt to embrace purity of body. (That sounds so poetic, doesn’t it?)

I’m pleased to say that today, day three, I in fact didn’t need that blasted useless bottle of Tylenol. My head actually didn’t throb all that much.

I also found that I’m not so quick to anger or get irrationally pissed off at the drop of a hat. I guess you could say I’m a little less anxious. The cat is very happy about this, given her propensity to throw the contents of her stomach across the living room rug. At night. So I can step in it when I get up bleary eyed to let the dogs out.

My only hiccup was today after a meeting. My impending sense of doom returned like the eyewall of a hurricane. I’m not sure where the heck that came from. I’d had a productive meeting, it was a gorgeous sunny day, I had three hours to kill without the kids and was up to speed with all my work. Regardless, I felt like the mayor of the Pit of Despair.

Now, in my defense, that feeling might have stemmed from the fact that my website was hacked (fear not, it’s fine now). All links to my site were being redirected to some Russian site and my visits fell through the floor. I wasn’t getting any immediate help from my webhost, designer or three other people I’d reached out to.

Yet, when I got home, my host and a good pal’s friend both reached out to me and we got it all resolved. I felt much better. So maybe it was just my frustration over the site that had me down.

As for energy, I really am feeling less tired once the kids are in bed. I have the energy to write, talk to Hubby, even do a few chores. That hasn’t been the case for months. So this is good.

In fact, I’ve been so completely wiped out lately I haven’t been able to get up the energy to do a one-day garage sale for two months now.

I’m happy to report this weekend I’m selling all the crap on my garage floor and will be able to put my car back in there.

So as much as I’d like to be snarky about how crappy this withdrawal thing is, I’m actually feeling a little more energetic, sleeping a little better and getting more done.

All in time to start double duty as Hubby leaves on weekends for football.

Freaking football.


Liz F August 27, 2011 at 5:04 pm

I find it hilarious (and annoying) how I’ll be exhausted and want to nap all day, but once I start getting ready for bed I get this second wind that keeps me up till midnight. Lame. But it is good for getting those last few chores done that I can’t ever seem to accomplish when D is awake. (Also lame. :P)

Twitter: audcole
August 29, 2011 at 6:53 am

The part about your friend meditating? I read that as “medicating to be more focused” and thought “Well, I knew some people in college who claimed that worked.”

But glad you’re over the worst of it. The times I’ve quit caffeine, the first 3 or 4 days were the worst. Now, if only I could stay quit…

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