Remembering to be thankful

by Heligirl on November 5, 2012

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How do you remember to be thankful, when from the moment you’re woken in the morning until exhaustion takes you at night you struggle to be somewhat productive and do right by your family, boss, PTA, neighbors, pets, beliefs, convictions, etc. and so on? When every thought and task is interrupted at least twice and takes three times as long to complete? When even a short to-do list can take 12 hours and still be incomplete when you can no longer keep your eyes open? And when personal time is reduced to the times you lock the door when you go into the bathroom to pee?

With Thanksgiving this month, a lot of folks have been practicing a month of thanks, posting status updates on social media, blogging, or even simply writing down one thing they’re thankful for each morning. I have to be honest, at first I thought, “how do I find the time?” Then I’ve seen so many social media posts on thanks that in the end, I’m reminded every time I log on to be thankful.

I’m reminded of a very important universal law. What we give returns to us in abundance. With each person just sharing a simple thankful thought, we’re all showered with thoughts of thanks.

Even though I’m feeling overwhelmed and tired at times, I’m finding myself slowing down and reflecting on what I’m thankful for each day. Just seeing everyone’s thankfulness makes the day a little brighter.

Of course, with the devastation of Hurricane Sandy and how it has affected so many friends, and even some of my family, it’s easy to identify a whole truckload of things to be thankful for on my side of the country – electricity, house in one piece, all of my property present and accounted for, fresh water, gas, food, and all the other daily things we take for granted that so many are wishing for today.

The trick is to find that thankfulness every day, even from the pit of your own personal drama – work, cranky kids, sick dog, husband out of town, what have you. Because the truth is, we all have a lot to be thankful for, and if we focus energy on that thankfulness, imagine the showering in return.

My mom tip today is to develop a habit of finding one thing to be thankful for each morning. Pick a time to do it and make a habit. Do what you need to do to remember, such as writing it on a note and put it on the computer monitor. When things get tough, go back to that thought. It does wonders to change your perspective and will even lighten your mood. And, as we all know, when mom’s happy, everyone’s happy.

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John September 28, 2014 at 1:53 pm

Really smart and good thinking. Thankful is a good sign of a good person. The trick is to find that thankfulness every day.” I like it.

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