A Punch in the Face

by Heligirl on July 22, 2012

in Beyond Mommyhood,Relationships

I’m at a complete loss. In fact, I can’t even think of a snarky diatribe to accurately illustrate what I’m feeling. I’ve never encountered this before. I have heard a few somewhat similar stories from friends, but I figured I was rather selective in my closest friends so this would never happen to me. Welcome […]

The Big Day

by Heligirl on October 9, 2010

in Beyond Mommyhood,Daily Ramblings,Relationships

Today’s the big day. My mom is getting married after almost 30 years of bitter loneliness. We (my brother and I, among others I’m sure), were getting worried we’d not see the day. But, alas, here it is. Mom has been unhappy for a long time and the transformation she undertook when she met this […]

Quality Time

by Heligirl on September 3, 2010

in Beyond Mommyhood,Relationships

There’s a treat at the end of this post… I’m a big believer in quality time for couples, especially when you have kids. A strong relationship and marriage is the foundation of the family, and without it, just like a house, everything will crumble. This has really been hitting home as some of my friends […]

Sedona Vacation

by Heligirl on September 1, 2010

in Beyond Mommyhood,Photography,Relationships

We’re back from our long weekend away in Sedona. We made it home about 2:30 p.m. yesterday to a little dude cranky with teething (but thrilled to see us) and a very excited Sweetness. In their excitement they forgot they’re supposed to sleep through the night so working on five hours of sleep I leave […]

Finding Balance in Sedona

by Heligirl on August 27, 2010

in Daily Ramblings,Relationships

I used to want to describe life these days as a juggling act where I’m trying to keep a bunch of balls in the air, but the fact of the matter is that might be too simple of an analogy. It actually feels more like one of those circus acts where I’m keeping 100 plates […]