Mom Tip Monday

Remembering to be thankful

by Heligirl on November 5, 2012

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How do you remember to be thankful, when from the moment you’re woken in the morning until exhaustion takes you at night you struggle to be somewhat productive and do right by your family, boss, PTA, neighbors, pets, beliefs, convictions, etc. and so on? When every thought and task is interrupted at least twice and […]

How to curb lying

by Heligirl on October 8, 2012

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What do you do when your child starts lying? For me the first instinct was to get really mad. But I had to cool myself off and give it a good long think. I was a constant liar when I was a child. It wasn’t until I reached my adult years that I learned from […]

I’ve started following @SarcasticRover on Twitter. The creation of hilarious humorist and screenwriter Jason Filiatrault, it’s a parody of what the Mars Rover would be tweeting if it was in fact alive, could tweet, and, well, had Internet on Mars. He coined “Let’s do a science,” which caught on so much the real folks at […]

In many of my positive discipline/positive parenting books and even a couple of the lectures I’ve attended, there are some misconnects when it comes to allowance, chores and the rules inbetween. One belief goes to lengths about how children should get allowances regardless of whether they did their chores or not, as they’re considered a […]

Anyone with experience with toddlers knows the day is filled with these little beings grabbing, touching and doing anything their little hearts desire. The toddler years are filled with exploration, spontaneity, and often a complete lack of self-preservation. The challenge on parents’ and caregivers’ end is trying to protect toddlers from themselves or from hurting […]

I’ve developed a rather nasty habit lately. I’m shouting. I never liked seeing other parents shouting at their kids, and swore I’d never do it. I’ve written a few articles about things to do to get kids to follow the rules, but wouldn’t you know it, I’ve fallen into the trap. Of course, I blame […]

Family Meetings Work

by Heligirl on June 4, 2012

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A couple of years ago I introduced family meetings here on Heligirl. A positive discipline tool, family meetings are opportunities to bring the family together to problem solve, discuss issues, and basically, at the heart of it all, come closer together. I have to admit as I wrote about them, I wanted so badly to […]

The Comparison Pit

by Heligirl on May 21, 2012

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Face it, all parents to it. I know I’m massively guilty. When surrounded by other parents and kids, now can you not, even in the least amount? I’m talking about comparison. From the time our kids are born our concern for their well being drives us to look at other children their age to determine […]