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I’m dealing with some pretty picky eaters these days. Nothing new if you’re a parent used to trying to get your kids to eat healthy meals. Recently I was offered the opportunity to try something new from Cache Valley, their new Creamy Greek Yogurt Dips, and I thought they might be on to something. The […]

I’m a real book worm. I love to read and usually sneak in a little time during naps, before bed, or even on those blissful times that Hubby takes the kids for a few hours. So when I was recently asked to review “A Discovery of Witches” by Deborah Harkness for BlogHer, I jumped at […]

Fall Means Serious Play

by Heligirl on October 26, 2010

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Since getting home from my Hawaiian vacation, it has really hit home that fall is here. Before I left it was sunny and warm, but now that I’ve returned it seems fall is in full swing. The leaves on my maples and fire bushes are brilliant orange and red. The wind is blowing and the […]

Shutterfly Review and Giveaway

by Heligirl on September 5, 2010

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I honestly love Shutterfly. For the last three years I’ve used Shutterfly to make incredible photo books of the kids’ milestones both for myself and for family as gifts. I made my first one after a coworker showed me a book she’d made of her vacation. After seeing how gorgeous and professional it looked I […]


by Heligirl on July 12, 2010

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A couple of weeks ago my coworker decided to get a few bonsai plants for his office. I know, a guy trying to green up the place. He figured having a few of these unique plants would make his office space a little more, well, tranquil. He poked his head into my office and asked […]

I Got my Nikon Camera

by Heligirl on May 20, 2010

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With the little grandchildren all moving about the house we got to thinking last Christmas about something original we can get the woman that has everything – read here, my mom. When I was contacted to see if I’d be interested in writing my thoughts about Nikon‘s cute little point and shoot digital cameras I […]

So sweetness has been getting out of hand in her demands to be In Control, with a capital I. C. At first little things like letting her choose which jacket she’d like to wear was enough to make her more than happy for hours. We thought we were really on to something with that. “Wow,” […]

One of the things I’ve found so very handy from my mommy pals is advice on things that make life a little easier. This is one thing that I’ve been really liking. It’s a trash bin for your car. It’s weighted and has Velcro on the bottom so it sticks to the carpet right where […]