In the midst of getting into my new job then having my lovely accident, I completely forgot to even reflect upon, let alone fully absorb the fact that last month I officially entered middle age. Forgive me. Here, let me make it up to you: I remember a time when my dad turned 40 and […]

It’s never too late to get on that New Year’s Resolution band wagon, is it? That’s a rhetorical question by the way. I’m thinking I need to jump aboard in a bad way. There are a few changes I need to make here at the ranch, like soon. Not the kind that require moving all […]

I am thoroughly freaked out. There, I said it. I knew it was possible, figured it was only a matter of time, and I’ve finally seen it with my own eyes. There are some deeply disturbed individuals out there, and I’m not talking about fans of the Beasty Boys or Celine Dion. Though that is […]

It’s no secret many of us parents struggle to find that ideal balance between home, work, family and self. More often than not, us moms are very guilty of neglecting that last aspect – self. I recently learned how that bad habit can really do a number on me. Shortly after the beginning of the […]

Few things are more destructive than the power of comparing yourself to others. This I know. I don’t know if it is my competitive nature or an inherent sense that I’m not good enough, but I invariably see myself falling victim time and again to comparing myself to others. Also, I am rather nondiscriminatory in […]

Caught in the In-between

by Heligirl on July 7, 2011

in Confessions

Have you ever finished a book (or series), come home from a movie, been pulled into an inspiring painting or otherwise been so deeply hooked by a great story or image that you’ve found yourself resisting the return to reality? Maybe it was a once in a lifetime experience you can’t replicate despite your deepest […]

I have a fantasy. It’s a fantasy like no other I’ve ever had, or even imagined in my wildest dreams that I’d want to have. I feel it is a direct reflection of the exact stage I’m experiencing in my life. I fantasize about having nothing to do. Nothing. Nada. Ziltch. Zip. Zero. Oh the […]

Confessions: Raccoons Scare me to Death

by Heligirl on May 18, 2011

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I’m one of those moms I said I’d never be – seeing or reading something that scares me to death and then reacting. I saw an Animal Planet program last year about a toddler who ingested raccoon roundworm eggs at a playground and almost died as the larva went into his brain, ate through his […]