Fall Foliage

by Heligirl on November 3, 2012

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We don’t have a lot of fall foliage here in the Pacific Northwest the way the do in the Northeast. After all, we are the Evergreen State, right? But there are those collections of trees (mostly man planted) that can give the fall color I love. Last fall I broke down and put some of that beloved color in my yard. I selected a gorgeous Sunset Maple, it’s last few leaves glowing an almost florescent red.

We planted that gorgeous tree, following the rigid instructions, digging a hole as deep as the two foot pot and six feet by six feet wide. We flooded the hole to assure it was well soaked, then when the water was gone, we put the monster pot in the hole and filled it back in.

All spring and summer I made sure the tree was well watered. Heck, I even talked to the thing, telling it how gorgeous it was. This week it started loving me back.

I chose this spot to plant it so I could watch it change color from my dining room and kitchen. Every time I do the dishes or eat a meal, I can look on it and marvel. It’s not disappointing me one bit. I’m in love and will only fall deeper as the color changes.

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Liz F November 4, 2012 at 1:43 pm

Very nice!! Out here in the Inland NW, we have LOTSA color. All our trees are naked now thanks to a windstorm a few days ago. Oh well. Bring on the snow!

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