Heligirl: A Positive Discipline Mommy Blog

Heligirl is a helpful and humorous mommy blog dedicated to sharing positive parenting tools that help develop capable, happy, secure children.

How do you raise children today with the security and self esteem to combat the peer pressure of instant gratification, social media and an ever shrinking planet? Positive discipline is definitely a step in that direction.

Heligirl is chock full of tools, articles, advice and first hand experiences of this positive parenting philosophy that encourages raising capable children through cooperation, respect and connection rather than punishment. Parenting posts intermingle with hilarious stories of the daily crazy of family life in a way that keeps people coming back for more.

Readers can really relate to Heligirl. They come for the parenting advice and stay for the friendships they develop with this helicopter pilot turned mommy with a mission.

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Additionally, you may be asked to make a second sample available and be willing to ship it to anywhere in the world as I may offer a giveaway as a part of the review, which will generate more buzz around your product.

All reviews written will be my honest assessment and opinion. I will also disclose that I was compensated to perform the review.

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