Handsome Man

by Heligirl on January 9, 2010

in Daily Ramblings,Photography

I hauled out the old camera to start getting the cobwebs out of my photographer brain. This puppy has seen some action. I’ve taken it on several photo shoots around the country, most included air to air shots between helicopters, from landing helicopters on offshore platforms off the coast of California to chasing illegal aliens outside of El Paso, to an EMS helicopter in Wisconsin. The lens cap isn’t the original one. That was lost in Estonia by a pal who borrowed my gyrostabilized 28-135 mm lens. That same pal took the lens to the China. It’s super lame when your stuff has been to cooler places than you.

The Little Dude.

My Mr. Man.

But since having my little Rugrats, I’ve been getting really lazy. I’ve been using my little Canon point and shoot, fits in your pocket or diaper bag digital camera. Great for capturing those daily fun things, but totally unimaginative when it comes to beautiful photography. With Mr. Man getting to be a little better at entertaining himself for periods of time, I’m slating that free time to do a little more photography. Now, if I can only get my computer, nicknamed Ruprecht, to play nice with Photoshop ALL the time, not just when it feels like it, I can keep up some cool posts.

I hearby start this here photography resolution with a shot I took today to see if I could still compose something raw (nothing done in Photoshop except to crop and resize for web). This here is Mr. Man, just before a nap, around 10 a.m. Pacific Time on Jan. 9, 2010. Feast your eyes on the future teen heartthrob.

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