Heligirl – The iPhone App

by Heligirl on March 16, 2010

in Daily Ramblings

Check it out, I found a way to make Heligirl even more cool! There’s an app for that! I have downloaded, installed, had a grand old time personalizing an iPhone App. My regular, beautiful blog wasn’t looking so pretty on mobile phones so from now on, for those who want to check in from the road, you’ll see a different look with the same great content. Drop down menus offer access to the pages, tags and categories, while the home page gives you posts, cleverly labeled with post title, date, comments, tags and categories. Pretty cool eh? I’m starting to feel like one techo mama. That said, I shouldn’t get too excited as Sweetness walked up to the laptop the other day, did something with just the mouse (she couldn’t reach the keyboard) and the computer started to play a YouTube video clip. Be afraid. Be very afraid. This generation will know everything we do by the time they hit kindergarten.

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