Vacation, Gotta Get Away

by Heligirl on January 15, 2011

in Beyond Mommyhood

In an attempt to find myself, or at least have a little time to process, reflect, relax and just be away from the madness that is my life at the moment, I made a run for the border by myself.

OK, I didn’t quite make the border. I’m in Phoenix for the weekend with long-time friends who got me through the “dark period” and have remained very close. I’m in the hills east of town, surrounded by graceful saguaro cactus, mesquite trees and abundant wildlife. The coyotes were yapping last night and it sounded like they were all around, a gaggle of giggling, playing children who’s voices were echoing off the surrounding rocks. I loved it.

Yesterday afternoon, three javelinas, several long-eared jackrabbits, a kangaroo rat, and numerous quail passed through the backyard as we watched the sky catch fire in a brilliant read and orange sunset that silhouetted the cactus. I wish my little point and shoot could have captured the true colors of the sky. It didn’t so I’m not going to subject you to the bland photo here. But here is one of the visitors we had yesterday afternoon.

I wonder what a visit  by three javelinas that hang around and watch you for a good 20 minutes in the daytime (NOT their time of day to be out) means. Hopefully good stuff. I’m afraid to look it up.

With my luck Native American folklore might suggest a visit by three javelinas during the day means you’ll be infested by the fleas of a thousand camels before discovering you’ve developed an allergy to alcohol and your car can talk after all, which it reveals to you in the form of a blackmail request for premium gas, synthetic oil and daily car washes with a wax finish.

That can’t be good.

Did the Native Americans know about wax finishes back when they created folklore about javelinas?

In all seriousness, the sun is calling me and I must go get some vitamin D while the poor folks at home in Seattle build the ark as the rains continue to come.

I hope everyone is having a great weekend!

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