Five Summertime Cool Off Tips

by Heligirl on July 25, 2011

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With most of the country roasting right now, I thought I’d offer some fun summertime cool off tips that will keep kids playing, but staying cool and hydrated. Remember to keep the sunscreen lathered on (and reapplied after the kids get wet) and have them wear hats.

Homemade Popsicle
Remember those Tupperware popsicle cases we had as kids? If you can scam those from mom, or find something like them, great. Otherwise, try Dixie cups and popsicle sticks. Fill Dixie cups with your favorite drink (lemonade, Cool-Aid, orange juice, whatever strikes your fancy. Put plastic wrap over the top and insert a popsicle stick in the center (the plastic wrap holds the stick in place until the liquid freezes. Pop in the freezer and a couple of hours later, voila, popsicles. You just peel off the cup.

Arizona Neck Tie
The real ones are actually filled with little moisture absorbing beads that keep them wet longer, but you can improvise if you’re not feeling crafty enough to find the beads and sew them into a piece of fabric. The cheap and easy way is to find old strips of water absorbent fabric, dip in water and tie around the neck like a bandana. As they dry, keep dipping in water. We pretend we’re pirates or cowboys with bandanas running around the park or backyard. This also works great with their hats (dip the hats in water, wring out and put on).

Tent Fort
Even when it’s scorching, the kids want to play outside. In order to keep them out of the direct sun as much as possible, try putting up a kid or even the family tent in the backyard. I open all the doors and windows so there is a cross breeze. The kids haul all manners of toys in there and play for hours. Of course, if there isn’t a breeze, it can get pretty stifling in there, so keep an eye on the temperature in the tent. If you have a three-season tent (tent body has more mesh) just keep the rain fly off for more cross breeze.

Car Wash
I’m not talking slave labor to get your wheels clean (though that isn’t a bad idea). While we do have the water table and slip and slide for water fun, sometimes they get old. I haul out all the riding toys and bikes, put some water in a bucket with the car wash sponges and let the kids wash their toys. This can entertain Sweetness for hours, believe it or not, and her brother loves to chip in.

Backyard Bar
Sometimes it can take an act of congress to get the kids to stay hydrated (other than the popsicle trick). Try a backyard bar. Put a few ice cubes in fun plastic glasses (use the fun shaped plastic ice cubes if you have them) and offer the kids a choice between a few beverages (orange juice, lemonade, or water, for example). Pour their choice into a glass, add a silly straw and a garnishment (slice of orange, strawberry with a slit so it sits on the edge of the glass). Sometimes I’ll play along and wear a funny hat and apron announcing the bar is open. They get a kick out of acting like grownups with their special drinks.

I hope some of these sound interesting. Please let me know if you try them and I would love to hear any additional ideas you may have (because these are getting old for me, quite frankly). Please, share away!


Liz July 25, 2011 at 11:55 am

We bought some cheapo popsicle molds from Shopko a few years back and DS LOOOOVESSS to eat them. We will pop one out and share them with him! BF also will snip an Otter Pop in half and give DS part of it and he, BF, will eat the other part. DS loves that, too, ‘cuz it makes him feel like a big kid 🙂 We also used to set up the sprinkler and run through it–while at the same time watering the lawn–but that one only works if you have a backyard big enough to do that.
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Susan July 26, 2011 at 5:24 pm

Great tips. When it’s hot, we love to have fruit smoothies for breakfast. I’ll usually make an oversized batch and pour the leftover into our popsicle molds. Because I have a picky eater, I put protein powder, frozen fruit and a combo of milk and usually apple juice (to sweeten the fruit) in the blender. Then when my little man wants a few popsicles, I don’t feel badly about him having them (and they supplement a meal).
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