Friday Funny

by Heligirl on June 22, 2012

in Daily Ramblings

So we bought these little tropical fish to keep Sweetness’s water frog company. We bought 3.

Yesterday, one died. She was playing on her new best friend so I wasn’t going to bother her. I fed the fish, unceremoniously picked up “Floater” and tossed him in the trash.

That evening at dinner I figured I’d best come clean. She wasn’t really attached to the fish, but she might want to know what happened to one.

“Sweetness, one of your new fished died.”

“It died?!? Let me see.”

“Honey, I threw it out.”

“Which one?”

“I’m not sure. It was one of the new ones.”

“Nooooo, which one, the trash or the recycle?”

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